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New Teacher Academy

New Teacher Academy

bullet  Overview

The Macomb New Teacher Academy (NTA) has been created to provide quality professional development experiences that will enhance your professional growth. At the same time, it can help you meet the state requirements that you receive 15 days or 90 hours of professional development in your first three years of teaching.

While the design of the New Teacher Academy is based on National, State, and Local research, the topics of the sessions offered each year are selected based on the feedback of participants.

bullet  Participation
First, second or third year teachers, employed in a Macomb County School District, are eligible to participate in the Macomb New Teacher Academy (NTA)

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bullet  Record Keeping
The Macomb New Teacher Academy offers a number of professional development offerings throughout the year for the new teachers of Macomb County, Michigan. Teachers are able to attend their choice of sessions or series related to a variety of professional development topics.

At the end of the school year, a record of New Teacher Academy sessions attended and hours spent at such sessions is sent to the new teacher, their principal and their central administration. This report includes only workshops sponsored by the New Teacher Academy. Remember, that hours can be compiled through a number of sources, with the New Teacher Academy being one of many sources. Therefore, we encourage new teachers and their administration to also keep a record of total hours spent on professional development throughout your entire career. If you attend other workshops through the MISD or through other facilities, they will not be included on the MISD report. So, keep track of all of your professional development experiences!

bullet  Workshops
Information about courses offered at the MISD.
Click on VIEW BY INTEREST Button and choose New Teacher Academy.


bullet  Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Please click the link below for the blank Powerpoint presentation


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