Teacher consultants for the visually impaired serve students with visual impairments enrolled in school programs other than those designated specifically for students with visual impairments.  This would include regular education classrooms, Learning Disability Programs, ECDD Classrooms, etc.


Orientation and mobility instructors serve all students with visual impairment in programs mentioned above as well as students enrolled in visual impairment center programs.


Orientation and mobility training is also available, as needed, for qualified special education students as indicated by the student’s IEPT.



The IEPT will determine the frequency of service or consultation as requested by Form 2


Referral Procedures:

  1. A completed Form 2 referral is sent to MISD, Support and Related Services indicating either:

    1. Consultation is being requested

    2. Evaluation is being requested

    3. Staff Development is being requested

  2. Medical documentation of the student’s visual impairment (as determined by Rule: 340.1708) must be included in the referral packet.

0 -- Current Eligibility Report(s)

0 -- Current IEP

0 -- Current REED Report(s)


0 -- Medical Documentation of Visual Impairment


0 -- MISD Eye Report


Referral Response:

  1. Supervisor sends the completed referral to the appropriate vision specialist(s).

  2. The referral packet is reviewed by the appropriate vision specialist(s) (teacher consultant and/or mobility and orientation instructor).

  3. A form 2A report of recommended disposition is sent to the district.

  4. IEPT is convened by LEA to determine services.  The vision specialist must be present at the IEPT.



1.      A variety of direct services are provided to students which may include:


2.      Vision specialists may also provide:

·        Technical assistance to teachers and professional in using equipment and appropriate adaptations.

·        Inservices for professionals and parents.



Referrals received after May 1st will be processed in the fall.


Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director

MISD Eye Report Form - If Available

  (or other medical diagnosis/prognosis report)