Profile and Progress




Student Profile and Progress

In order to Provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), the IEP Team must complete this section.

This section is intended to collect the summarized highlights of information about the student available to the IEP team.

Submitters may include those who evaluated the student, those who educate or currently provide other special education services to the student, the parents, and sometimes the student, if appropriate.


Describe (and/or make reference to attached documents) each of the following; Comment as appropriate:

      the strengths of the student

      parent or adult student input and concerns for enhancing the education of the student

      student concerns and priorities for involvement and progress in the general education curriculum.

      progress toward the current IEP annual goals and objectives

      progress in the general curriculum where appropriate, including the success of agreed-upon modifications and student/teacher supports.

      student anticipated needs or other matters


If the student did not attend the IEP, describe the steps that were taken to ensure the consideration of the student's preferences and interests.


In some districts, participants bring or forward to the IEPT reports that address the questions listed above.

An example of one of these reports is the MISD Student Profile Report (unchanged from prior years).


If your district uses such pre-IEPT fact-gathering reports, you may make reference to existing documents (if available) at the IEPT meeting. These reports may then be attached to the IEPT for reference rather than rewriting or retyping them on this page. See examples of language below that may be used for such attachments.


[IEP Profile Report Attachments]

      See Attached Report

      See Attached Parent Report

      See Attached General Education Teacher Report

      See Attached Special Education Teacher Report

      See Attached Special Education Service Provider Report from ...

      See Attached External Agency Report