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Teen Pregnancy Services
Section EE

Also see the following chapters: Homeless Chapter (for residential services for homeless pregnant females, and the Clothing, Diapers and Personal
Care items Chapter)


SITUATION: A pregnant adolescent needs health insurance.

Low cost health insurance for children Two health insurance programs for Michigan families are MIChild and Healthy Kids. Eligibility for either insurance is completed on the same form, although the type of insurance issued is based on family income.


Health Department, Mt. Clemens
Provides face-to-face help in completing the application and will also assist in locating a prenatal doctor and referral to other community resources.)
(586) 469-5235
Department of Human Services  (Mt. Clemens District)
serving Chesterfield Twp., Clinton Twp., Harrison Twp., Mt. Clemens, St. Clair Shores, Selfridge ANG Base.
(586) 469-7700
Department of Human Services (Sterling Heights District)
serving Armada, Memphis, New Baltimore, New Haven, Richmond, the Macomb County section of Rochester, Romeo, Roseville, Utica, Washington.
(586) 254-1500
Department of Human Services (Warren District)
serving Center Line, Eastpointe, Fraser, Roseville and Warren.
(586) 427-0600
State MIChild help line (888) 988-6300

Persons needing an interpreter may call: (888) 988-6300
TDD for persons with hearing disabilities: (888) 263-5897
These calls are free.


SITUATION: An adolescent mother needs medical care on an ability-to-pay basis

Free to low cost medical services including treatment for acute illnesses (colds, ear infections, bronchitis, rashes, cuts); women's health (gynecological physicals, family planning, sexually-transmitted-diseases); treatment for chronic illnesses (high-blood pressure, diabetes); employment and school physicals; referrals to other services.  Service is available for persons and families of all ages, economically disadvantaged, and persons with no medical insurance. Available from Neighbors Caring for Neighbors ClinicsOutreach Clinic.

Neighbors Caring for Neighbors Clinic at Samaritan House
62324 Van Dyke
Washington Twp., MI 48094
Clinic Hours

The clinics are open at varying dates and times, depending on community need, staffing availability and a number of other options. For the most up-to-date times, please call the clinic you are interested in visiting.  Appointments are preferred. Walk-ins are accepted for urgent problems only.
(586) 649-6104
Neighbors Caring for Neighbors
15420 Nineteen Mile Rd.
Clinton Township, MI 48038
The clinics are open at varying dates and times, depending on community need, staffing availability and a number of other options. For the most up-to-date times, please call the clinic you are interested in visiting.  Appointments are preferred. Walk-ins are accepted for urgent problems only. (586) 649-6104


SITUATION: A female is pregnant and is in need of emergency financial assistance/resources.

See the "Clothing and Diapers, Financial and Emergency Assistance, Food, Furniture, and Utility Assistance" chapter.


SITUATION: An adolescent mother needs to establish paternity of her child.

Paternity can be established in several ways:

  1. If the mother is married at the time of conception, her husband is considered by law to be the father unless a court has determined that the husband is not the father.

  2. If the mother is not married at the time of conception or both, paternity can be established in two ways:

  • Both parents can voluntarily sign an Affidavit of Parentage form at the hospital at the time of birth free of charge; but a fee is required to change or add the father's name to the birth certificate. If paternity is not established at birth, contact the child support specialist at your county Department of Human Services for free help. You do not have to be on public assistance to seek help from the child support specialist.

  • A judge can declare a man the legal father of the child.

SITUATION: An adolescent needs information on legal issues.

Free or minimal cost legal advice by telephone on legal concerns of teen parents including custody, paternity, child support, public benefits (FIP, child care, Healthy Kids, food assistance), Personal Protection Orders, birth certificates, limited guardianship for children, emancipation and divorce. Available from Legal Aid and Defender Association(877) 964-4700.

SITUATION: An adolescent needs information on family planning.

Information on contraceptive methods, pregnancy testing, pelvic and breast examination (birth control supplies are available on a sliding fee scale). Available from:

Health Department - Family Planning Program
Call for an appointment and then the patient will be directed to their nearest Health Department site.
(586) 469-5491
Planned Parenthood Warren (586) 558-0101
Northland Family Planning, Sterling Heights, (Pro choice organization) (586) 268-1700


SITUATION: An adolescent suspects she is pregnant and needs pregnancy testing.

Pregnancy testing is available from:

Health Department - Family Planning Program, Mt. Clemens (586) 469-5491
Planned Parenthood Warren (586) 558-0101
Northland Family Planning, Sterling Heights, (Pro choice organization) (586) 268-1700


SITUATION: An adolescent is pregnant and needs options counseling.

Options counseling is available from:


Planned Parenthood Warren (586) 558-0101
Northland Family Planning, Sterling Heights, (Pro choice organization) (586) 268-1700
Birthright of Macomb County, Utica (586) 254-5930
Compassion Pregnancy, Clinton Twp. (586) 783-2229


SITUATION: An adolescent is pregnant and needs prenatal services.


Maternal and Infant Health Program services are specialized preventive services provided to pregnant women, mothers, and their infants who have Medicaid to help reduce infant deaths and illnesses.

Qualified Health Plus (QHPs) are required to provide Maternal and Infant Health Program services to their members when the services are determined to be medically necessary. Maternal and Infant Health Program services may require prior authorization from a QHP or its providers.

For a list of MIHP service providers, go to.,4612,7-132-2943_4672-106183--,00.html


First, scroll down to the title: “Who Do I Contact To Find A State Certified MIHP Near Me? Then click on “MIHP Coordinators Directory 1/14/2014," or the “Interactive Map of MIHP Agencies” links listed beneath.

SITUATION: Adolescent parents wish to place their newborn infant in a safe haven

An anonymous safe haven for unwanted newborns provides a place for parents to surrender their newborn if the child is less that three days old.  The infant must be surrendered inside the building to an employee of a hospital, fire department or police station. The parent will only be asked to volunteer the child's medical history. The baby will be examined and then turned over to DHS for a foster home and prospective adoptive parents. The birth parent, whose rights to the child will be severed, will not be charged with child abandonment unless there is evidence of assault, neglect, or abuse. Parents will have 28 days after surrendering to petition the courts to regain custody.  If one parent is initially unaware unaware that the other has abandoned the infant, that parent may petition the State for custody. For more information about "Safe Delivery", call toll-free (866) 733-7733.

SITUATION: A pregnant or post-partum adolescent needs nutrition services or food supplements.

Nutrition education and supplemental food coupons for low-income pregnant females, new mothers, and children under age 5 who have medical or nutritional needs. Available from the Macomb County Health Department - WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Supplemental Food Program, Mt. Clemens, (586) 469-5471 or Downriver Community Services (586) 749-5173.

Free nutritional education and consultation for Macomb County individuals and families. There are no income guidelines. Available from the Macomb County Health Department, Mt. Clemens, (586) 412-3396.

Free small group instruction on basic nutrition, food buying and preparation skills, meal planning and budgeting. Available from the MSU Extension - Expanded Food Nutrition Educational Program (EFNEP), (586) 469-6432.

Emergency Food is available through various food pantries in Macomb County. For the location of the nearest food pantry, call 2-1-1.

SITUATION: An adolescent mother needs information on breast-feeding.

Information and support for breast-feeding is available from the La Leche League, (877) 452-5324.

SITUATION: A adolescent parent needs instruction on how to use a car seat for an infant correctly.


Chesterfield Township Chesterfield Twp. Fire Dept.
Provided free to anyone, regardless of residency.
(586) 725-2233
Clinton Township Macomb Co. Health Dept.
(Year-round inspections are done by appointment only from Monday - Friday. Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will answer your questions or inspect car seats. To schedule an appointment or for more information on child passenger safety, call (586) 412-3398. Email:
(586) 412-3398


The Health Department website has downloadable copies of Child Passenger Safety Fact Sheets, free and printable; basic need-to-know information on all stages of car seats and the different methods used to install car seats.


Clinton Twp. Police Dept. (586) 493-7800
ext. 7676
No information on car seat inspections is on their website.
Fraser Traffic Safety Association of Michigan
(Child restraint inspections are provided at the facility at no charge to Macomb County residents upon request.)
(586) 793-1425
Fraser Public Safety (586) 293-1425
Macomb Township Macomb Twp. Fire Dept.
Monday thru Friday by appointment only.
(586) 286-0027
ext. 2302 Itemid=429
Mt. Clemens Macomb County Sheriff's Department
(Child seat safety checks and installations, between 7:00 - 10:00 P.M. by appointment only.  Participants are asked to bring the following items to the inspection:  Vehicles owner’s manual • Car Seat owner’s manual • If possible, the child that will be “properly secured” in the safety seat.  Allow 30 minutes for the installation and safety check process.)
(586) 307-9540
to schedule an appointment. Itemid=429


New Baltimore New Baltimore Police Dept.
(Car seat inspections are performed by the Macomb County Health Department technicians onsite by appointment only on the last Thursday of the month from 2:00 - 5:00 P.M. (586) 412-3398.)
(586) 725-2181
New Haven

New Haven Police Dept.
(By appointment only. Leave a message and officer will call back to make the appointment.)

(586) 469-7744 No information on care seat inspections is on their website.
St. Clair Shores

St. Clair Shores Police Dept.
(St. Clair Shores residents and by appointment only)

(586) 445-5311
ext. 2


No information on car seat inspections is on their website.

For new sites in your area, call the Traffic Safety Association of Michigan
at (586) 293-5880 or go to:


SITUATION: An adolescent mother has an infant who needs immunizations.

Free immunizations for Macomb County children and adults against the following diseases: diphtheria, influenza, pneumonia, tetanus, pertussis, measles, mumps, poliomyelitis, rubella, hemophilus influenza, Hepatitis B, or varicella (chicken pox). Available from:

Macomb County Health Department Mt. Clemens (586) 469-5372
Macomb County Health Department St. Clair Shores (586) 466-6800
Macomb County Health Department Warren (586) 465-8537

Immunization Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Evening hours available at the following times, locations:
Mondays: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. (St. Clair Shores)
Wednesdays: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. (Mt. Clemens)
Thursdays: 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. (Warren)   


SITUATION: A pregnant or parenting adolescent needs vocational or employment services.

Pregnant and parenting teens over the age of 16 by September 1 are eligible for adult education classes through local school districts.










Anchor Bay














Chippewa Valley


Jim Fields


(58 6) 723-2000 ext. 7


C enter Line








Don Trahan


(586) 791-6300 ext. 4001


East Detroit scheast.htm














http://www.fraser.k12.mi.u s/ pages/FraserPS






Lake Shore


Becky Whitfield


(586) 285-8883




Becky Whitfield


(586) 285-8883


LAnse Creuse


Jeff Glombowski


(586) 783-6420 ext. 1200


Mt. Clemens






New Haven
























South Lake


Becky Witfield


(586) 285-8880




Denise Mennucci


(586) 797-6906


Van Dyke vandyke.htm


Mark Skrzynski


(586) 758-8363


Warren Con






Warren Woods

Kristen Allen

(586) 439-4400 Ext. 8

Free daytime classes for pregnant/parenting 16 - 20 year olds toward obtaining their high school diploma, including nutrition, teen parenting, life management issues. Child care services are provided offsite. This program is within the alternative high school. The classes are incorporated into the teens' school schedule. For more information, contact North Lake High School, (586) 285-8780.

SITUATION: A young couple wishes to get married.

Persons under the age of 18 must have parental consent to enter into a marriage contract in the state of Michigan. If the youth is less than 15 years of age, he/she and his/her parent must go to Probate Court to start the process.

If the youth is under 15 and does not have parental consent or only one parent's consent, he/she must apply for a secret marriage license. A hearing date is set, approximately 14 days later. The parents are notified of the hearing and may give testimony. The judge's decision is based on the circumstances of the situation and testimony.

If the youth is under 15 and has both parents' consent, he/she applies for a secret marriage license and a hearing date may be set for that day. The judge's decision is based on the circumstances of the situation and testimony.

If the youth is aged 16-18, he/she must have parental consent to get married. They begin the process by going to the County Clerk Office, 1st Floor, Court Building in Mt. Clemens [(586) 469-5749 with their custodial parent to apply for a marriage license. The youth must bring in a certified copy of their birth certificate. The parent must bring in their own picture identification (preferably a driver's license) and must sign a parental consent form in order for the youth to apply for the marriage license.

At least one applicant must appear to apply for a marriage license and show proper photo identification (Driver's License). If one of the people who wishes to get married is underage, then the one who is underage must come in person to apply for the marriage license and bring a birth certificate. For more information, call the Macomb County Clerk's Office, 40 N. Main, Mt. Clemens, 48043 (586) 469-5210. Office hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday.

SITUATION: A young parent needs parenting education and support.

Early Childhood STEP is designed for parents with children under 6 years of age and focuses on temperament, stages of development, expectations and age appropriate behavior. There is a fee for the class and cost of the book. (These fees are waived if the parents are on any form of public assistance. To get the fees waived, the client must have an up-to-date Medicaid card or a letter from their DHS worker stating that they are unable to pay for the classes). The book Parenting Young Children is available at local bookstores. The classes are two hours a week for eight weeks and are available quarterly.  For more information, contact CARE of Southeastern Michigan, (586) 541-2273 or visit their website at

SITUATION: A pregnant female or new mother needs a variety of services related to her pregnancy or the infant.

A pregnancy test, pregnancy counseling (“pro-life”), newborn care, nutritional classes, personal growth classes, infant clothing, counseling and referral by a registered nurse is available from Gianna House (Eastpointe), (586) 445-0440.