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Gadget Works: Forces & Motion

In case you missed the registration deadline for Gadget Works it is still possible for you to participate in the program as long as a time is available on the date you want. Contact Denise Jobe at djobe@misd.net for information about this.

The Gadget Works schedule for the 2018 -2019 School Year Will Be Available August 2018.

New for the 2018 - 2019 school year: The 3rd grades will have a separate day to enjoy the Forces & Motion program so that it is more grade appropriate for them.

Gadget Works: Forces and Motion

The Gadget Works distance learning program is to ensure that every elementary student in Macomb County participate in at least one virtual fieldtrip before they move on to middle school.  The grade level for this program is 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades.

This program includes pre-visit activities on gravity and air resistance, speed, and everyone’s favorite, the Happy Crab. A hypothesis is done with the Happy Crab on what students thinks what forces make the crab move and what parts are used on the inside. The show itself is about balanced and unbalanced forces, pushes and pulls, and tracing the energy flow through the toys (the chattering teeth still make an appearance about halfway through the show with a hypothesis sheet same as the Happy Crab).

Post-visit activities that the teachers will work with students in the classroom include: imaginatively designing a wind-up toy to make a specific movement, such as running or hopping, re-designing Professor Gadgeteer’s toys to make them move farther or faster, moving a toy car without touching it, and determining just how much force the Happy Crab generates when it moves on various surfaces.

Printable Gadget Works Flyer to share and spread the word about this excellent educational offering

What does "COSI" mean?

The word COSI stands for "Center OScience and Industry". COSI is all about mind-blowing fun providing opportunities to play, explore, discover, and learn together.

To visit the COSI Gadget Works program website follow this link: COSI Columbus - Gadget Works Program

*Teachers must register with the Macomb Intermediate School District to be a part of this interactive distance learning program. COSI will not accept your registrations unless you are doing a one on one, (dialing direct) and all costs to be paid by your school district.

COSI website https://www.cosi.org/ 

COSI brochure for Gadget Works: Forces and Motion

To register for Gadget Works follow this link MISD DL Registration page

 Gadget Works Quick Program Overview 

 Gadget Works: Forces and Motion - Details and Support Materials

COSI Forces & Motion Teacher Guide for grades 2 - 6 (You will need this for the distance learning program with the MISD). 

COSI will send you the materials for the program with pre-activities, lessons to prepare for the videoconference and post-activities at least 3-4 weeks prior to the date of the distance learning event.

After the program please take a moment to evaluate your recent COSI Videoconferencing Program by clicking on the link below.  We value your opinions and hope that you will schedule another program with us in the future!  

An Evaluation Sheet will be emailed to you after the program. Please take a moment to evaluate the program so that we can better the needs of teachers and students for future programs!

The lesson plan titled, "Creating My Own Rube Goldberg Machine" in these formats, pdf  and word  has students taking apart discarded appliances to discover how the simple machines make them tick. It also incorporates a fun project that has students designing a Rube Goldberg machine of their own.

The lesson plans below are from the website http://www.cape.k12.mo.us/blanchard/hicks/news pages/scienceforce.htm on force and motion

Dragon Racer Challenge 

Marble Challenge 

Raceway Challenge 

Mystery Words 

Matching Vocabulary 

Create your own Rube Goldberg Machine


Rube Goldberg Teacher Resources

Concepts and principles of forces and motion from Physics 4 Kids

Rules Of Forces And Motion from Discovery Education

Honda's Rube Goldberg Machine Experience

Rube Goldberg Machine and Honda Award Winning Ad

Finally, a proper presentation of auto parts in all their beauty! It's not too often that auto parts look this good, but this 2-minute Honda ad highlighting the famous Rube Goldberg's hilarious concepts does the job. The Rube Goldberg machine is legendary as Goldberg's inventions go. It was created in April of 2003. The short video took more than 600 takes before every little step of the machine worked perfectly. True Rube Goldberg followers would never edit a video to fake a perfectly functioning machine.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Honda Rube Goldberg Commercial now from YouTube 

Newspaper article from The Guardian "Did they really make that Honda advert in one take?" 

Newspaper article The Telegraph "Lights! Camera! Retake!"