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Assessment Issues in MTSS

2 types of Data Needed

Data based decision making requires both Student Outcome Data and Process Fidelity Data
  • Outcome data measures how STUDENTS are achieving as it relates to what we are teaching them
  • Process fidelity data measures how STAFF are achieving as it relates to the fidelity of implementation

Examples and Information

MiBLSi (Michigan's MTSS Initiative) has a great webpage with links to descriptive information about tools for all of these purposes for reading and behavior .

Types of Student Data Needed

Universal Screening 
A central component of all RTI models is early screening of all students to identify those at risk for academic and/or behavior difficulties.

Assessments to determine the course of instruction / intervention.

Progress Monitoring
Progress measures can be used as regularly and as frequently as necessary throughout the school year.

Summative assessment to inform the success of the core

Resource for more information

Assessment Schedule

Data Analysis Plan

  • Grade Level
  • Building Level
  • District Level

Resource for more information: MIBLSI