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PowerSchool Standards Based Report Cards

Below you will find a step-by-step process that will guide you through creating standards based report cards for your district.  Please follow the process in the order described.


Decide on Standards for Each Grade Level


Example - Standards K-5

Changes can be made to the standards along the way, but it is much less time-consuming to start with a list that has been agreed on and will not change.


When deciding on the standards, a good place to start is with the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations.  They are listed by grade level on this page.

Create Standards Template in Excel - 1 for Each Grade Level



The templates can be a bit confusing at first, but they follow a specific hierarchy and pattern.  Once you have established your standards (step 1) contact for help with creating the Standards Templates.

Set Up Conversion Scales to Use for Grading Standards

  Several different grading scales can be used for the standards.  Examples might include:
  • Numeric scale - Ex. 0-100
  • Yes/No - Ex. + or -
  • Letter Grades - Ex. A - F
  • Rating Scales - Ex. 1 - 4
  • Combo Scales - Ex. P-16 - 1-8

Sample Conversion Scale Setup

Find Conversion Scale IDs & Add to Standards Templates

  The ID assigned to PowerSchool to each conversion scale needs to be added to the Standards Templates (created in step 2) in the Conversionscale column.  The specific conversion scale used to grade each standard will be represented on the template.

Import Standards Templates

  • Once the Standards Templates for each grade are complete, they should be saved as txt files and imported into PowerSchool.
  • How to Import Standards Templates

Create Object Reports - Report Cards for Each Grade Level

  The printable report for each grade level can be created as an Object Report.  Here are samples of the finished reports:

Create Comment Bank

  There are 2 types of comments that can be included on the report card.  On the sample report cards above:
  1. Free-form comments are included on the second page (indicated by a True in the Includecomment column of the template).
  2. Comments selected from a comment bank are included under Conduct and can also be used by the enrichment teachers in their section of the card.

In order to use comments from a comment bank, it is important to set up the comments that teachers can select from.  They can also add their own comments or modify the comments from the bank.

Check Standards Display in Gradebook

  There is a preference in the teacher gradebook that needs to be set in order for the standards to display.  It may already be turned on, but it is important to be aware of this in the event that the standards do not display in the gradebook.


Train Teachers

  In the pilot project, one of the teachers from the district provided the training for the teachers with the assistance of the PS Liaison from that district.  This worked very well.  Documentation was created to assist with the training.
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