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Special Education Parents

Five educators won the Special Education Make a Difference Award from the Macomb County’s Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) in 2015. These awards are especially meaningful because students and their parents nominated their favorite educators for the honor.

CONGRATULATIONS to this year's winners from the Macomb County Parent Advisory Committee:    

Utica Community Schools
Morgan Elementary

 Jennifer Biringer

Jennifer Biringer has been a teacher in Utica Community Schools since August of 2008.  She completed her undergraduate degree from Wayne State University, holds a Master’s degree from Marygrove College, and an endorsement in teaching cognitively impaired students.  Jennifer provides individualized instruction to meet her students' academic needs, as well as adaptive living skills.  She is a leader among her colleagues and was instrumental in working with the special education staff to design and implement the Common Core Essential Elements for math and reading instruction.  Jennifer leads her team to set high expectations for all students, no matter what their individual challenges may be. Jennifer is a dedicated professional who truly makes a difference in the lives of her students and the school community.

L'Anse Creuse Schools
Middle School Central

 Evan Chalk

Evan Chalk is an excellent choice for the Macomb County’s “Make a Difference” award.  Evan is a graduate of Western Michigan University and has taught in the L’Anse Creuse School District for the past four years.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Evan serves as the Athletic Director and is a strong leader on the Middle School-Central staff. Without a doubt, Evan’s classroom strategies, inspiring lessons, and his unique ability to build relationships with students truly “Make a Difference”.

Lake Shore Schools
Rodgers Elementary

Jennifer Landa
Jennifer Landa leaves a lasting impression on students, parents, and colleagues alike.  Her students respect and adore her because she cares deeply about them and their success, in and out of the classroom. Anyone who works with Jennifer will agree that her work ethic and integrity are both motivational and inspiring.  She has high expectations for her students and encourages them to have high expectations for themselves.  She provides her students with classroom experiences that enhance confidence and self-worth.  She is an advocate who works closely with staff and parents to ensure that all students needs are met.  Jennifer Landa strives to "Make a Difference" with every student, every day.

Warren Consolidated Schools
Wilkerson Elementary

 Valerie Puffer
Valerie Puffer is a teacher at Wilkerson Elementary and has been with Warren Consolidated Schools for 14 years.  She is a very humble and caring individual and a leader among her peers.  Valerie has learned to develop an understanding with each student and identify what they need to become successful.  She builds them up to become strong individuals who have the skills and strategies to move on and be successful.  She provides her students with the structure, empathy, and love that nurture their growth and lets them know that they are special.  She is a source of pride to her community and a phenomenal asset to the Warren Consolidated School District.

Macomb ISD
Glen Peters School

 Patty Rydahl
Patty Rydahl has an undeniable passion to teach individuals with cognitive and physical impairments. She has high expectations for every student, encouraging them to go even further than they think they can.  She seeks unique opportunities for her students that may not always be readily available to them.  Patty recognizes the students’ accomplishments, building their self-esteem and confidence.  Her extensive experience and openness make her easy to approach and families feel comfortable to reach out to her for advice or support through difficult times.  As one parent expresses, “She inspires us to pay it forward and to give back.”  Patty Makes a Difference every day!