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Student Focused Planning

IEP Development

The process of planning occurs at the Individualized Education Planning Team (IEPT) meeting.  This process will be coordinated by the school system.

Transition works best when the student, parents, family, school, and agencies all work together.

What does this mean for the student?
You, your family members, your school, and community agencies are involved in your IEP/Transition Meeting

Student Participation-This is your Future !

The student's active participation as a member of the Transition/IEP Team is important and necessary!

Students should:

Be taught decision-making skills from an early age

Understand their disability, keep documentation, and be able to explain your disability and the necessary adjustment needed in your classes, school work and/or future employment setting.

Attend IEPT meetings and participate as active members in the planning process, be a self-advocate ( Eleven Step Agenda to a Self-Directed IEPT/Transition Meeting)???

Express opinions, make choices, and ask questions

Gather information and ideas about your postsecondary goals, interests, dreams, and needs 

Identify interests, abilities, and desires for future transition activities and future employment opportunities
Determine assistance needed to reach annual transition goals

Understand your legal status with regards to decision making before and after the age of majority (Age of Majority document

Consider a referral to Michigan Rehabilitation Services for an assessment of vocational needs and other important postsecondary support

Work with IEP Team to determine what on-going supports and services for learning and transition will continue after high school

Post school options with a Local District Certificate of Completion

Why Do Transition Planning?

Transition planning increases the changes of success in adult life.  The process works to bring together schools, students, families, and community agencies in a combined effort to appropriately plan a successful path to adult life for you!