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Macomb ISD Author Festival

The Macomb Intermediate School District is hosting an local Michigan "Author” event. Meet authors in person that have been part of the Instructional Technology / Distance Learning Department “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” programs. Meet and greet the authors, buy their books at a discounted price, and get them autographed!

“Macomb Intermediate School District” is proud to announce a local Author Festival”

“Meet and Greet with local authors to get your summer BOOKED!” 

Date: May 21, 2022

Time: Anytime between 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

Where: Macomb Intermediate School District, 44001 Garfield Road, Clinton Township, MI. 48038

Open to the public for all ages.

A few of the authors that will be there are:

  • Janie Lynn Panagopoulos - http://www.jlpanagopoulos.com/

    • Chapter books for young adult for grades 3rd and up. Janie Lynn Panagopoulos, historian, author, and historical lecturer has worked in historical research, interpretation, and writing for over forty years. Mrs. Panagopoulos writes the “Dream Quest” series where her characters time travel into the past to learn about Michigan history. She also has many other books for Michigan historical fiction that can be enjoyed by all ages. Ms. Panagopoulos has done Distance Learning programs with the MISD for over 20 years with the “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” (ASK) programs.

  • Arthur Brood - http://www.arthurbrood.com/

    • Short chapter books for reluctant readers for grades 3rd and up. Arthur Brood is an award winning educator from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan where he taught elementary school since 1991. He sometimes refers to himself as “Author Arthur” as he has authored the books, “The Mud Hole” and “The Snow Car” and “Bud: My Adventure Across America” children’s historical fiction stories with an emphasis on automotive history. His books have given him opportunities to be a regular presenter with Macomb County ISD through the Author, Specialist, Knowledge (ASK) program as well as to schools across the state.

  • Robert A. Lytle - https://robertalytle.weebly.com/

    • Chapter books for young adults for grades 3rd and up. A retired pharmacist and former drugstore owner for over 30 years, Mr. Lytle took up writing as a hobby around 1991. Since then, he has had 15 books published. His first five books are in the Mackinac Passage series which loosely describes his childhood summers in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He also wrote five time-travel adventures in which many of the books are being used extensively in Michigan schools for Michigan Historical Fiction. Mr. Lytle has done Distance Learning programs with the MISD for the “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” (ASK) programs.

  • Darien Belcher, Jr. - https://thestoryofthecurse.bigcartel.com/

    • Books for the younger reader for grades 2nd and up. Mr. Belcher is a young junior author from Macomb County. He states, “I wanted to be a superhero when I was younger, so I created some situations where I was a superhero and put them in a story format”. “My summer school teacher inspired me to create the first book, and she also helped me make the manuscript.” Darien encourages other young authors to keep writing. Darien has done Distance Learning programs with the MISD for the “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” (ASK) programs.

  • Lori Taylor - https://loritaylorart.com/my-books/

    • Picture books and young adult books for grades 2nd and up. Lori Taylor is a Michigan artist/author/illustrator. As a child growing up among the pines and ponds of Clarkston, Lori knew that drawing, writing, nature, books, and science would be her life. She is a freelance illustrator, has created many children’s educational exhibits for Michigan nature centers and about Michigan. Ms. Taylor has done Distance Learning programs with the MISD for the “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” (ASK) programs.

  • Kathleen Marcath - https://www.aslpicturebooks.com/

    • Children’s picture book for grades Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Mrs. Marcath was inspired to write “My Monster Truck Goes Everywhere with Me” by her three-year-old grandson's love of monster trucks. Her heart's desire is for children to know they are loved, valued, and heard. Through her studies of ASL and Deaf culture, she noticed the tremendous need for children's books inclusive of American Sign Language. Her goal is for all families, hearing, and Deaf, to think of ASL just like any other language. She is a believer, wife, mother, and grandmother and resides in Michigan.

  • Jordan J. Scavone - https://www.jordanjscavone.com/

    • Picture books for the young and Chapter books for young adults. Jordan J. Scavone created his first picture book at about six years old. This first book, written and drawn (well, stenciled), was titled The Animals Look For Food. It was about, well, animals looking for food. Though not the most well-thought-out (or well written) book of all time, this did plant seeds for the future. After receiving his undergraduate degree in Children's Literature and Theater for the Young from Eastern Michigan University, Jordan began working on his first picture book. He currently lives in Michigan.

  • DM Taylor - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20308641.D_M_Taylor

    • Chapter books for adults, for grades 11th and up. Ms. Taylor’s gravitational pull to science fiction, developed throughout her teacher training; where she concentrated on science education. Graduating from Michigan Tech with an Applied Science Master's Degree jumpstarted her geeky interests. An obsession of time travel pushed through her romantic notions of the world and the easy fear she holds of anything frightening. Together, these elements created a writer of: sci-fi thrillers who sprinkles in a bit of slow burn.

  • Diana Kathryn Plopa - www.DKPWriter.com

    • Picture books for the young and Chapter books for the young adult, various grades. Diana-Kathryn Plopa is an author of many different genres of books, an Editor, writing coach and a bookshop manager for a couple publishing companies. She is also a large supporter of independent authors and has written many resources as guides for aspiring authors both adult and children. Ms. Plopa believes in fostering a love for the written words in all its forms.

  • Gary Abud, Jr. https://sciencewithscarlett.com/
    • Picture books for grades Pre K—2nd. “Science with Scarlett” is a children's picture book series about a young girl scientist and her teddy bear assistant who do amazing experiments with the reader. Discover something new with Scarlett and her amazing science experiments. Scarlett invites you to mix colorful lights and ask the question, “What color will it be?” all while learning about our amazing gift of sight and how our eyes can see the world in color. The first book in the series is What Color Will It Be? Get free activities and learn more at ScienceWithScarlett.com

  • https://reneeahand.com/ Renee Hand
    • Chapter books for 3rd to 5th grade and Adult romance books. Award-winning USA children's author, Renee Hand, devoted to writing; and whose goals are to entertain and build a connection with her readers. The books are educational, unique and interactive mysteries. Ms. Hand creates high interest topics that pull the reader into her stories encouraging them into wanting to know more about the settings, science, history, culture and people. As an author for adults she writes suspenseful mysteries and romances that takes her readers on journeys woven with just the right amount of mystery, history and enduring love, giving them stories that change their lives and hearts forever.
  • https://www.judysima.com/ Storyteller Judy Sima
    • Judy Sima is known across the country for her practical, interactive workshops with educators, librarians, students and families. Her book for educators, “Raising Voices: Creating Youth Storytelling Groups and Troupes” is for anyone who wants to start a youth storytelling group or troupe will find a wealth of practical information and inspiration in this guide. Mrs. Sima is part of the “Author, Specialist, Knowledge” MISD program where she talks to students about “My Mother's Voice” where she shares the compelling story of her Mother's encounter with the Gestapo, her escape from Germany during World War II and adjustment to life in America.
  • https://www.leaveittobeamer.com/author.html author Clay Boura          
    • As he and his wife taught their first child to read and write, he realized that the complexity of the English language coupled with a very literal young child made for an amusing combination.  And so an idea was born!  "Leave it to Beamer" is a children's book series about a young boy, Beamer, who dreams up wild, imaginative ideas for where he believes English idioms and other figures of speech may have come from! And in the end, Beamer also learns the TRUE meanings of these silly sayings! The series is humorous, adventurous and educational all at the same time!

And a special guest appearance from the NOAA Detroit/Pontica Weather Office mascot “Owlie Skywarn” - https://www.weather.gov/dtx/office3 Hi, I’m Owlie Skywarn! I am the National Weather Service’s go-to-owl for weather science and safety information. At the National Weather Service (NWS), we provide weather, water, and climate data, forecasts, and warnings in order to protect life and property. And I’m Sanctuary Sam, the National Marine Sanctuary System’s resident California sea lion! At NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, we manage a national system of marine protected areas so that you and future generations can continue to explore and enjoy the wonders of the sea.

Check back often to see the latest list of authors as it is updated as more join in the future. 

Contact Denise Jobe at 586-228-3415 or djobe@misd.net for any questions.

Macomb ISD Author Festival 2022