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Teacher Planning

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA, transition is "a coordinated set of activities for a student, designed with an outcome-oriented process, that promotes movement from school to post-school activities such as: Career/Employment, Postsecondary Education/Training, and when appropriate Independent Living Skills."

Definition of Transition- Passage from one place, condition, or stage to another, change- Webster's New International Dictionary

Transition Planning increases the chances of success in adult life.  The process works to bring together schools, students, families, and community agencies in a combined effort to appropriately plan a successful path to adult life for all students with an IEP
Curriculum content areas need to be balanced- there needs to be an emphasis in all domain areas
Teaching takes places in natural environments, including community settings whenever possible
Curriculum content leads to real life outcomes for the student 

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2004 requires transition planning for all students who receive special education services beginning at age 16 or before.  Michigan Special Education transition services has a long history of considering what services are needed for a student starting at age 14, so that services will be in place by age 16 for those students who need to start post-school services early.

Macomb's Transition Network 2019-20

Macomb Transition Network Flyer (pdf)

Macomb Transition Network Flyer (word)