Links to External Documents and FAQ's for MIPP and Assessment Center Staff

Contact your building secretary. She will reset your access back to a temporary password. You will need to reset to a permanent password again. You may re-use the original password you entered.
The number of incorrect password attempts resulting in being locked out of the system is 4 times.
The length of time you are locked out of the system is determined by your TIENET system administrator. It is currently set at 15 minutes.
The TIENET password IS case sensitive; the School District ID and User ID fields are NOT case sensitive.
It is important to remember to work WITHIN the TIENET window – the forward and back arrows are part of your internet browser and are not part of TIENET. If you click on the browser arrows and are bounced out, you may try refreshing the page, or you may need to log back into TIENET.
 If you are unable to find a student that you need to work with, it is generally because you have not chosen the correct location.

The default link for this user is Macomb MIPP. This user, by default will search for all children located at Macomb MIPP. If this user wants to search for a child in the MISD Assessment Center location he/she must click on the MISD Assessment Center link then search for the child.
Click on the Students link located on your Home Page side bar. Then search for a student by using the Student Quick Search form.
You may have entered incorrect information into the Quick Search Form. Try searching by just a few letters of the student’s last name. The less information you enter into the Quick Search Form, the broader your results will be. If this still does not return information, contact your District Liaison. Typically the staff person’s “works at” data needs to be corrected in the Staff Profile.
No. If more than one person tries to edit the same section, they will get a warning that another user is already working on that section. The first user will need to exit edit mode before the second user can edit the section.
Make sure that you are in View mode (you will not see the green “save” buttons or any color coded fields.) Next, click the link for More Actions located on the Actions toolbar in the top light blue section of the page and then click Modify Setup. This takes you back to the document setup screen. You can now check the sections that you want to add, then click New. The section is now added to your document.
Yes. You should have both applications open (Ex: MS Word and the TIENET IFSP that you want to copy text into.) Prior to copying text, we recommend that you format the text and font for Tahoma (or similar) font, size 9.5, to match the TIENET font, if there are no stylized text icons in the text box where you are working. Highlight the text you want to copy and paste it directly into the TIENET section where it is needed.
Yes, the spell check feature is accessed by clicking on this icon  and is located at the top of each page when you are in edit mode. NOTE: When using spell check, you can add words to the “dictionary” by clicking: WorBBC during the spell check process.
Make sure that you are in View mode (you will not see the green “save” buttons or any color coded fields.) Next, click the link for More Actions located on the Actions toolbar in the top light blue section of the page. Next click on the Change Status of the Document link. This is used when a document is ready for review or finalization. There are three status positions: Draft, Review and Final.
The "Review"s selection is an option that allows Districts to set documents in an interim status, triggering tasks or review prior to finalization. This is also an opportunity to notify other team members or administrators of a change to a document or to set up a meeting. For more information contact your District Core Trainer(s).
The Save, Done Editing button means you are done editing and want to save your work – for the time being. You can still edit the section at a later time. Save, Continue Editing allows you to save your work as you continue to work. As with all computer applications, you save your work periodically to ensure that you do not lose data if your workstation or laptop loses connection to the internet or your District server times out. TIENET also has security “time outs” to comply with privacy. Therefore, continue to save your work while you are in edit mode. TIENET will timeout after 45 minutes. Best practice is to periodically save your work to ensure against data loss.
Print This Section prints the section of the document you are working on. Print All prints the entire document (such as the whole IFSP or Evaluation). Print Selected Sections allows you to select which sections of the document you would like to print. This print option also allows you to print large spaces for handwriting by clicking on the check box. This may be useful if a laptop is not available for the meeting and meeting participants want to make notations.
These are headers and footers from your internet browser settings which are a Windows default. These can be easily removed. From the web browser toolbar click on File, then Page Setup. You will need to highlight and delete the formula that is entered in the header and footer section of the window. NOTE: By removing this formula you will be removing the header and footer information that you may want on documents that you print from the Internet. If you anticipate wanting the header and footer to print on other documents, you may want to save the formula and reenter it when you need page information.
The public insert statement links are populated by your school district. If a bank is empty then no statements have yet been created by your District administrators. You may still select private statements to create your own personal bank.
When information has changed in the Student Profile, TIENET will ask the end-user if they want to update the documents. Clicking on the Update Now link will update the document with the new information from the Student’s Profile.
No. TIENET allows end users to upload documents that are not part of TIENET but the District wants to maintain (such as psychological reports, transportation data sheets) by scanning them into TIENET. Scanned documents are PDFs and therefore, not editable.