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Macomb County School Districts

District Last Name First Name Position Department Phone
Anchor Bay Schools Cusimano Frank Supervisor Special Education (586) 949-4513
Anchor Bay Schools Woodside Leonard Superintendent Administration (586) 725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools Wedge Terry Director Elementary Curriculum (586) 725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools Anderson Kyle Assistant Superintendent Administration (586)725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools McDonald Joseph Director Secondary Curriculum (586) 725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools Kenward Sherry Director Career Technical Education (586) 648-2525
Anchor Bay Schools Banach Anita Director Technology/Communications (586)725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools Randazzo Robyn Director Business Services (586)725-2861
Anchor Bay Schools Gonzales Lora Director Human Resources (586)725-2861
Armada Area Schools Holston Donald Director Academy 586-784-2150
Armada Area Schools Skokna Kelly Acting Principal 586-784-2400
Armada Area Schools Baker Matt Foreman Building & Grounds (586) 784-2144
Armada Area Schools Sydow Paul Supervisor Transportation (586) 784-2585
Armada Area Schools Couto Nancy Director Technology (586) 784-2140
Armada Area Schools Duletzke Melanie Director Special Education (586) 784-2131
Armada Area Schools Musary Michael Superintendent Human Resources (586) 784-2112
Armada Area Schools Musary Michael Superintendent Administration (586) 784-2112
Armada Area Schools Davenport Daniel Assistant Principal 586-784-2640
Armada Area Schools Urbanek Heather Business Manager Business (586) 784-2123
Armada Area Schools Sutton Kurt Principal 586-784-2600
Armada Area Schools Holston Donald Director Armada Continuing Education 586-784-2150
Armada Area Schools Jankowski Phillip Assistant Superintendent Curriculum 586-784-2136
Armada Area Schools Schafer Todd Principal 586-784-2500
Center Line Public Schools Kaltz Eve Superintendent Administration (586) 510-2001
Center Line Public Schools Roddis Charles Chief Financial Officer Business (586) 510-2027
Center Line Public Schools Oleski Lisa Director Curriculum (586) 510-2002
Center Line Public Schools Elya Theresa Supervisor Food Services Department (586) 510-2031
Center Line Public Schools Vacant Director Human Resources (586) 510-2003
Center Line Public Schools Karam Dr. Theresa Director Special Education (586) 510-2050
Center Line Public Schools Oke Gary Director Technology (586) 510-2041
Chippewa Valley Schools Brosky Dr. Donald Executive Director - Elementary Education Curriculum (586) 723-2023
Chippewa Valley Schools Roberts Ron Superintendent Administration (586) 723-2004
Chippewa Valley Schools Kozlowski Walter Director of Curriculum/Assessment Educational Services (586) 723-2033
Chippewa Valley Schools Blanchard Dr. Adam Asst. Supt. Human Resources (586) 723-2090
Chippewa Valley Schools Koch Tara Director Special Education (586) 723-2180
Chippewa Valley Schools Sederlund Scott Asst. Supt. Business & Operations (586) 723-2120
Chippewa Valley Schools Skiba Ed Asst. Supt. - Secondary Education Curriculum (586) 723-2025
Chippewa Valley Schools Blain Diane Director Community Relations (586) 723-2242
Clintondale Community Schools Brunni Coleen Director Curriculum (586) 791-6300
Clintondale Community Schools Nota Rene Director Special Education (586) 791-6300
Clintondale Community Schools Walmsley Lee Coordinator Human Resources (586) 791-6300
Clintondale Community Schools Green Gregory Superintendent Administration (586) 791-6300
Clintondale Community Schools Harrell Thomas Manager Business (586) 791-6300
East Detroit Public Schools Carlesso Robert Executive Director of Finance and Operations Business (586) 533-3016
East Detroit Public Schools McLeod Dr. Ryan Superintendent Administration (586) 533-3023
East Detroit Public Schools Rush Lori Director Special Education (586) 533-3738
East Detroit Public Schools Gibson Christina Assistant Superintendent Curriculum (586) 533-3026
East Detroit Public Schools Gibson Christian Assistant Superintendent Human Resources (586) 533-3009
East Detroit Public Schools Laethem Danny Technology and School Safety Coordinator Technology (586) 533-3030
Fitzgerald Public Schools Rainwater Melanie Director of Human Resources/Facilities/Transportat Human Resources (586) 757-1751
Fitzgerald Public Schools Fournier Laurie Director or Academic Services Academic Services (586) 758-0980
Fitzgerald Public Schools Bruley Dawn Director of Student Services Special Education (586) 757-4044
Fitzgerald Public Schools Zirnis Jason Director of Business Business (586) 757-1860
Fitzgerald Public Schools VanSweden Barbara Superintendent Administration (586) 757-1750
Fraser Public Schools Wozniak Carrie Superintendent Administration (586) 439-7005
Fraser Public Schools Sturgell Jane Supervisor Special Ed
Fraser Public Schools Videtta Laurie Manager Business (586) 439-7035
Fraser Public Schools Metty Denis Director Special Education (586) 439-7045
Fraser Public Schools Terman Kerry Director Human Resources (586) 439-7025
Fraser Public Schools Anderson Donna Asst. Supt. Curriculum (586) 439-7015
Fraser Public Schools Waters Daniel Director Operations and Maintenance (586) 439-7115
Lake Shore Public Schools Wynkoop Rachelle Assistant Superintendent Curriculum (586) 285-8460
Lake Shore Public Schools Satterfield Wayne Director Facilities & Transportation (586) 285-8550
Lake Shore Public Schools Herr Kelly Coordinator Preschool Services (586) 285-8647
Lake Shore Public Schools Hartley John Director Athletics (586) 285-8920
Lake Shore Public Schools Morris Tina Manager Food Service (586) 285-8925
Lake Shore Public Schools Hubert Fran Director Technology (586) 285-8485
Lake Shore Public Schools Basile Pete Executive Director of Finance Business (586) 285-8470
Lake Shore Public Schools DiPonio Dr. Joseph Superintendent Administration (586) 285-8480
Lake Shore Public Schools Kliebert Martha Director, State and Federal Programs Special Education (586) 285-8610
Lake Shore Public Schools Lewis George Assistant Superintendent Human Resource Services 586-285-8492
Lakeview Public Schools Konon Kathy Director of Business Services Business (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools VanPeeren Tracy Asst. Supt. of Secondary Education Curriculum (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools Kress Christine Executive Director Special Education (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools Neumann Kathryn Director of Elementary Education Curriculum (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools Paulson Karl Superintendent Administration (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools Zaborowski Sean Director Operations (586) 445-4000
Lakeview Public Schools Van Peeren Tracy Assistant Superintendent Human Resources (586) 445-4000
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Edoff Erik Superintendent (586) 783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Gauthier Rochelle Assistant Superintendent for Business Business (586) 783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Van Camp Michael Asst. Supt. Human Resources (586) 783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Prill Robert Manager of Operations Support Services (586) 783-6550
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Dixon Greg Director for Secondary Education Curriculum Dept. 586-783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Supanich Nancy Director Special Education (586) 783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Montpas Lisa Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruct Curriculum 586-783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Holbert Laura Director for Elementary Education Curriculum 586-783-6300
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools Allen Kelly Director for Public and Community Relations Community Relations 586-783-6300
Macomb Intermediate School District Bollinger Donald Deputy Superintendent Administration (586) 228-3450
Macomb Intermediate School District Michalak Justin Assistant Superintendent Special Ed. & Student Services (586) 228-3510
Macomb Intermediate School District Cummins Mark Chief Information Officer/Asst. Supt. Technology Services (586) 228-3401
Macomb Intermediate School District Mullen Rosetta Assistant Superintendent Human Resources/Legal Affairs (586) 228-3309
Macomb Intermediate School District Rilley David Assistant Superintendent Human Resources and Operations (586) 228-3310
Macomb Intermediate School District Bodiya Paul Chief Financial Officer Business (586) 228-3350
Macomb Intermediate School District Vacant Executive Director Business
Macomb Intermediate School District Berg Steve Director Special Education Mgmt Svcs (586) 228-3454
Macomb Intermediate School District Flye Dr. Alesia Chief Academic Officer Consultant Services (586) 228-3470
Macomb Intermediate School District Sladewski Anne-Marie Associate Director Special Ed. Support & Related (586) 412-2600
Macomb Intermediate School District Elias Paula Director Center Programs (586) 228-3430
Macomb Intermediate School District Martin Kristina Director Management Technology (586) 228-3370
Macomb Intermediate School District Hifko Patty Director Transportation (586) 228-3337
Macomb Intermediate School District Collins Lisa Supervisor Macomb Infant Preschool Pgm (586) 412-2601
Macomb Intermediate School District Fontanive Dr. Lynn Director Preschool & Assessment Ctr Svc (586) 228-3320
Macomb Intermediate School District DeVault Michael Superintendent Administration (586) 228-3302
Mount Clemens Community Schools Davis Teresa SUPERINTENDENT/DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS SERVICES (586) 461-3777
Mount Clemens Community Schools MOHLER SARAH DATA DIRECTOR 5864613737
Mount Clemens Community Schools JENSEN ELIZABETH PRINCIPAL/CURRICULUM 5864613902
Mount Clemens Community Schools GIBSON JOSEPH PRINCIPAL 5864613313
Mount Clemens Community Schools MCCORMICK ANN PRINCIPAL 5864613903
New Haven Community Schools VanSweden Barbara Superintendent Curriculum (586) 749-5123
New Haven Community Schools Lenhardt Robert Manager Business (586) 749-5124
New Haven Community Schools Taylor Michele Supervisor Special Education (586) 749-9535
New Haven Community Schools VanSweden Barbara Superintendent Administration (586) 749-5123
New Haven Community Schools VanSweden Barbara Superintendent Human Resources (586) 749-5123
Richmond Community Schools Matuszewski Shirley Director Special Education (586) 727-3553
Richmond Community Schools Walmsley, Ed.S. Brian Superintendent Administration (586) 727-3565
Richmond Community Schools Borwick Becky Director Middle School Dean of Students (586) 727-7552
Richmond Community Schools Schadd Tammie Director Business 586-727-3565
Richmond Community Schools Bartels Keith Director Middle School Principal (586)727-7552
Richmond Community Schools Kochan David Director Elementary Principal (586) 727-2509
Richmond Community Schools Birkmeier Anthony Director Curriculum 586-727-3565
Richmond Community Schools Rinehart Christopher Director High School Dean of Students/A (586) 727-3225
Richmond Community Schools Dobbs Debbie Coordinator Transportation (586) 727-1150
Richmond Community Schools Vacant Director Buildings & Grounds (586) 727-1150
Richmond Community Schools Walmsley Brian Superintendent Human Resources (586) 727-3565
Richmond Community Schools Estrada John Manager Food Service 586-727-3565
Richmond Community Schools Michon Deborah Director High School Principal (586) 727-3225
Richmond Community Schools Napier Heidi Director Elementary Dean of Students/Di (586) 727-2509
Romeo Community Schools Smith Cody Director Athletics & Student Activities (586) 752-0431
Romeo Community Schools Haw Nichol Child Nutrition Supervisor Food Services (586) 752-0304
Romeo Community Schools Butler Julie Executive Director of Human Resources Human Resources (586)752-0230
Romeo Community Schools McFarlane Jennifer Assistant Superintendent for Academic Studies Curriculum (586) 752-0231
Romeo Community Schools Laseke Vicki Executive Director Business (586) 752-0220
Romeo Community Schools TBD Director Special Education (586) 752-0212
Romeo Community Schools Nelson Mark Executive Director Technology (586) 281-1140
Romeo Community Schools Robinson Todd Superintendent Administration (586) 752-0225
Romeo Community Schools Beck Jeanine Director Child Development (586) 752-0314
Romeo Community Schools Colasinksi Julie Supervisor Business Office (586) 752-0205
Romeo Community Schools Metdepenningen Michelle Director Transportation (586) 752-0267
Romeo Community Schools Gratton Don Executive Director Operations and Quality Control (586) 752-0221
Roseville Community Schools Dysard Andrea Supervisor Food Service (586) 445-5685
Roseville Community Schools Kment John Superintendent Administration (586) 445-5505
Roseville Community Schools Smith Joe Coordinator Transportation (586) 445-5699
Roseville Community Schools Hedemark Peter Assistant Supt. Human Resources (586) 445-5513
Roseville Community Schools Blaszkowski Mark Deputy Superintendent Instruction (586) 445-5508
Roseville Community Schools Antoine Michael Director Technology (586) 445-4380
Roseville Community Schools Kott Diane Executive Director of Business & Finance Business (586) 445-5519
Roseville Community Schools Tomala Teresa Director Special Education (586) 445-5675
Roseville Community Schools Rice Dave Director of Curriculum Curriculum (586) 445-5688
Roseville Community Schools Steenland Jon Director Buildings & Grounds (586) 445-5697
South Lake Schools Von Hiltmayer Ted Superintendent Administration (586) 435-1601
South Lake Schools Thero John Director of Instruction and Assessment Curriculum (586) 435-1641
South Lake Schools Thomas Frank Director of Human Resources Human Resources (586) 435-1661
South Lake Schools Thomas Frank Director of Business Business (586) 435-1661
South Lake Schools Hambaum David Director of Operations and Maintenance Operations and Maintenance (586) 435-1621
South Lake Schools Wrona Karen Director of Special Services Special Education (586) 435-1611
Utica Community Schools Graham John Sr. Executive Administrator of Facilities & Techno Technology (586) 797-1242
Utica Community Schools Vacant Executive Administrator of Secondary Curriculum & (586)797-1116
Utica Community Schools Tomyn Jill Executive Director of Business and Finance Fiscal Services (586) 797-1162
Utica Community Schools Vacant Exec. Dir. for Special Services Special Education (586) 797-1022
Utica Community Schools McAvoy Tim Director School/Community Relations (586) 797-1100
Utica Community Schools Graham John Asst. Supt. Auxiliary Services (586) 797-7150
Utica Community Schools Eagen Stephanie Asst. Supt. Business (586) 797-1209
Utica Community Schools Vacant Executive Director of School Improvement, Federal Teaching and Learning (586)797-1073
Utica Community Schools VanDeKerkhove Michele Executive Administrator of Elementary Curriculum & (586)797-1116
Utica Community Schools Johns Dr. Christine Superintendent Administration (586) 797-1102
Utica Community Schools Thompson Dr. Robyne Director Pupil Services (586) 797-1122
Utica Community Schools Sturm Michael Asst. Supt. HR & Transportation (586)797-1130
Utica Community Schools Monroe Robert Asst. Supt. for Teaching and Learning Curriculum (586) 797-1095
Van Dyke Public Schools Ludlum Susan Director Special Education (586) 758-8338
Van Dyke Public Schools Grout Doreen Director Food Service (586) 758-8335
Van Dyke Public Schools Agrusa Andrea Director of Business and Operations Business (586) 758-8340
Van Dyke Public Schools Cusic Wendy Director of Curriculum and Instruction State & Federal Grants (586) 758-8341
Van Dyke Public Schools Valentine Edie Director Human Resources (586) 758-8337
Van Dyke Public Schools Bognar Piper Superintendent Administration (586) 758-8333
Van Dyke Public Schools Cusic Wendy Director of Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum (586) 758-8341
Warren Consolidated Schools Lauria Annette Administrator School Improvement & Elem. MTS (586) 698-4701
Warren Consolidated Schools Irvine Sharon Chief Operating Officer Human Resources (586) 698-4099
Warren Consolidated Schools Duplay Jodi Manager Human Resources (586) 698-4099
Warren Consolidated Schools Bott Brent Director Security/Crisis Management (586) 698-4110
Warren Consolidated Schools Bernia John Chief Academic Officer Curriculum (586) 698-4120
Warren Consolidated Schools Dumas Kelly Director of Pupil Accounting/Student Services Student Services (586) 698-4193
Warren Consolidated Schools Livernois Dr. Robert Superintendent Administration (586) 698-4093
Warren Consolidated Schools Elenbaas Kari Chief Financial Officer Business (586) 698-4518
Warren Consolidated Schools Lewis Christine Administrator State/Federal Grant Programs (586) 698-4452
Warren Consolidated Schools Papak Kathy Exec. Assistant to the Superintendent Superintendent (586) 698-4093
Warren Consolidated Schools Pitrone Nick Director Information Systems (586) 698-4777
Warren Consolidated Schools Lettang John Director Fiscal Services (586) 698-4146
Warren Consolidated Schools Leemon Cynthia Director of Employee Development Human Resources (586) 698-4048
Warren Consolidated Schools Szuminski Cynthia Director of Budget/Finance Business (586) 698-4518
Warren Consolidated Schools Callahan Theresa Director Assessment, Latchkey & Prescho (586) 698-4031
Warren Consolidated Schools Evans Ellanore Executive Director Facility & Custodial Services (586) 698-4445
Warren Consolidated Schools Fry Pam Executive Director Curriculum (586) 698-4759
Warren Consolidated Schools Michael Jennifer Controller Accounting Business (586) 698-4675
Warren Consolidated Schools Selby Rob Director Transportation (586) 825-2960
Warren Consolidated Schools Dylewski Caroline Director Nutrition Services (586) 698-4158
Warren Consolidated Schools Kozlowski Christina Administrator Lang. Acquisition & Secondary (586) 698-4707
Warren Woods Public Schools Keyser Erin Coordinator Early Childhood (586) 439-4885
Warren Woods Public Schools Szuminski Kathleen Director CTE/Career Development (586) 439-4416
Warren Woods Public Schools Denewith-Fici Stacey Superintendent Administration (586) 439-4417
Warren Woods Public Schools Allen Kristen Coordinator Community/Adult Education (586) 439-4408
Warren Woods Public Schools Michalak Justin Director Special Education (586) 439-4464
Warren Woods Public Schools Dishman Matthew Director Facilities & Transportation (586) 439-4975
Warren Woods Public Schools Griffor Kristine Director Curriculum (586) 439-4469
Warren Woods Public Schools Cassabon Neil Business Manager Business (586) 439-4413
Warren Woods Public Schools Stafford M. Grace Asst. Supt. Human Resources (586) 439-4457
Warren Woods Public Schools Pawloski Tamara Supervisor Special Services (586) 439-4455