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Welcome to the Interactive Distance Learning

For some, Interactive Distance Learning is limited to the notion of low enrollment classes, linking a handful of students in one school district with a handful of students in others to extend the curricular offerings in all school districts involved. For us, at the Macomb Intermediate School District, Interactive Distance Learning is that and so much more! Curriculum and Professional Development are enhanced and extended through virtual field trips such as zoos, museums and science centers, collaborative events linking students from around the county to around the state to around the world, and special events linking our students to authors and specialists. In short, we bring a world of resources to our students each and every day through interactive educational learning.

DL Interactive 2017 - 2018 Schedule

“A Planting We Will Grow” Science Meeting with MISD Retired Science   Consultant Paul Drummond. Introducing a new interactive distance learning program that will enhance the learning experience of the students in Physical Science of growing plants in the classroom.

"Poetry Café" with MISD ELA Consultant Dr. Lisa Rivard. After students study and write poetry in class it's time to celebrate their finished pieces by opening a Poetry Café with the Beatnik theme of the 1950’s.

"Melvin Fargo Writes to Argue and Persuade" (this is not an ASK Program)

MISD Language Arts Consultant and Author, Lisa Rivard bringing us her informative and enlightening book "Melvin Fargo Writes to Argue and Persuade". Mrs Rivard will host this program to teach 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades on how to prepare for a argumentative and persuasive essay which will include appropriate grade level help with research, sources, and the best type of websites to use and citations. 

A printable flyer for you "Melvin Fargo Writes to Argue and Persuade"

For more information about this book and Mrs. Rivard her website is http://lisarivardbooks.com/ 

"Writing Rules" We have our ever famous and energetic author and historian, Janie Lynn Panagopoulos that will work with the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on how "Writing Rules". It is a fiction writing course that teaches
teachers / students how to organize their idea of writing and story
. This program should help students with the M-Step testing.   http://www.jlpanagopoulos.com/research-passport-to-history-mra-handout.html  

"Operation Parachute" with an retired Air National Guard Paratrooper who will discuss with students about parachutes. Students will design, make, problem solve, and analyze the parachutes they will do in class. On November 14, 2017 we will then have an interactive video conference with the Paratrooper who will answer questions and explain the technical engineering of parachutes and the equipment used with them.   


If you would like to receive information about any or all of the interactive distance learning programs offered by the MISD please join our listservs. We will be using these to announce our programs and their availability.

The Following listserv's are available for you:

ASK Program (just for the Author, Specialist, Knowledge Programs)

MISD Interactive Programs (for non-ASK programs such as Melvin Fargo, Writing Rules, A Planting We Will Grow and Poetry Cafe)

TWICE / ASK Programs (these programs are offered from the TWICE Organization and are an ASK Program)

Gadget Works: Forces & Motion (just pertains to the COSI Sponsored Forces & Motion Programs)

Follow this link to Join the MISD Distance Learning Listserv or copy and paste the following url into your browser


The New 2017-2018 Interactive Distance Learning Schedule is here! 

Updated Simple List / Short Version of the DL Schedule

Click the link below to register for in a interactive distance learning program at: http://www.misd.net/dl

How to use the Interactive Distance Learning Registration page:

  • Fill in the appropriate information on Step 1. Be sure the e-mail address is correct, email is how you will be notified if you have been accepted and registered for the program along with reminders and schedules throughout the school year.
  • Continue on to Step 2.
  • Under Choose a Program choose the program you are interested in.
  • Under Choose a Topic choose the title of the book/program you would like.
  • Under Choose a Session choose a date and time you would like to participate.
  • Continue on to Step 3.
  • Review the information and if correct press submit.
  • If you would like to register for another program click on Use this link to submit another program request.

Registrations are on a first come first serve basis.

I will delete duplicate requests so please do not register for another teacher unless you put in their name and email address.

READ YOUR EMAILS CAREFULLY!! Yes, sometimes you will be put on the waiting list or rejected for a program. Do not assume that you have been confirmed for the program! PLEASE read your emails.

Check your school Calendars!!!!  

The ASK Program, (Authors Specialist, and Knowledge), provides students with the opportunity to ask questions to an author or a educational subject specialist in the topic they are reading about in the novel. The program uses excellent children's literature, journal writing and technology use via video conferencing to promote reading for comprehension and understanding.

MISD Author, Specialist, Knowledge Updated January to June 2018 Schedule 

Find out more about ASK

8x11 pdf Printable Author, Specialist, Knowledge Poster to share and spread the word about this excellent educational offering

11x17 pdf Printable Poster for ASK Program

The Gadget Works interactive distance learning program is to ensure that every elementary student in Macomb County participates in at least one virtual fieldtrip before they move on to middle school.  The grade level for this program is 3rd, 4th, or 5th grades.

This program includes pre-visit activities on gravity and air resistance, speed, and everyone's favorite, the Happy Crab. A hypothesis is done with the Happy Crab and the Chattering Teeth (during the program) on what students think what forces make the crab move and what parts are used on the inside. The program itself is about balanced and unbalanced forces, pushes and pulls, and tracing the energy flow through the toys.

If you missed registration for the Gadget Works program you may be able to still participate if there is a time open for a day that is on the schedule. Contact Denise at djobe@misd.net to discuss this opportunity.

Gadget Works 2017 - 2018 Schedule   Registration for this program will close on November 29, 2017.

Find out more about Gadget Works

8x11pdf Printable Gadget Works: Forces & Motion Flyer to share and spread the word about this excellent science educational offering

Here is a "Cheat Sheet" on how to set up your new account in the new TWICE CAPspace website

TWICE invites you to participate in a celebration of reading using videoconference technology! Classes can participate in English, or a variety of other languages, or special education. Classes share skits, raps, original poetry/writing, songs, game shows, and more with specials holiday and educational specials events throughout the year. TWICE is also renowned for coordinating the Read Around the Plant program offered in March of every school year.

Take note that the MISD does support the Macomb County teachers that register for the TWICE/ASK programs. The MISD will pay the $40.00 fee and supply the books/materials for the teachers that wish to participate in the TWICE/ASK programs.

The Macomb ASK and the TWICE/ASK programs are very similar only coordinated by different organizations.

The Macomb TWICE/ASK-2018 Schedule 

All ASK Events, TWICE Collaborations, and Read Around the Planet are now open for registration on the new TWICE Capspace Website at www.twicecapspace.org

The Macomb TWICE/ASK Web Site

8x11 pdf Printable Flyer for the TWICE/ASK Program to share or spread the word about the excellent educational offering

11x17 pdf Printable Flyer Poster for the Macomb TWICE/ASK Offerings

This is for Macomb County Educators Only!!

Network Administrators- We have created a LifeSize Clearsea account for your district to use in addition to your video conferencing equipment. The Clearsea client is a desktop video solution and will work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. It can be installed on up to five devices and is compatible with Windows, Apple, IOS, and Android. The client software can be downloaded at-


Contact Brian Boudreau at bboudreau@misd.net for login information.

Here is a link to the website for video tutorials on using the Client Clearsea software.


This is a "cheat sheet" on using the Macomb ISD's software accounts prepared by Brian Boudreau.

To help with the terminology used in video conferencing LifeSize has provided this free video conferencing glossary for you. Click here for a pdf copy to download.

Here it is... a pdf file to download.... A Step by Step Guide on how to use the LifeSize ClearSea software program. One last addition to the "cheat sheet" and the pdf file to download...... PLEASE LOG OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT WHEN DONE WITH THE INTERACTIVE DISTANCE LEARNING PROGRAM!