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What are the Requirements for Paraprofessionals?

Michigan paraprofessionals are required to hold a high school diploma (or equivalent) regardless of their assignment. Certain paraprofessionals are required to be certified as a result of the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation of 2002.  A helpful worksheet to determine if a paraprofessional needs to be certified can be found under the resources section of this page.  Please note these are the minimum certification requirements and districts may have additional requirements as part of their terms of employment.

Paraprofessional Testing for Highly Qualified Status

The Macomb Intermediate School District administers the WorkKeys® test to anyone wishing to move toward highly qualified status as a paraprofessional.

Two of the three portions of the test are completed on a computer:

  • Reading for Information

  • Applied Mathematics

The Listening and Writing test is paper and pencil with an audio portion.

All tests are administered on the same day. Successful completion of these tests does not guarantee employment.

Please check with your district or potential employer for additional information regarding hiring requirements.

What Can I Do to Prepare For the Test?

Participants have the option of attending the WorkKeys® paraprofessional workshop to prepare for the test. All workbooks and resources are included in the fee for the workshop. This is an optional component and is not required in order to take the WorkKeys®. 

Registration and full payment for the workshop is required prior to attendance. 

You may access registration for the workshop here:

When is the Test Given?

Testing dates are held throughout the year. A schedule of dates can be found by using the link below. 

Registration and payment is required prior to taking the test. 

You will receive an email confirmation outlining the testing guidelines. The Macomb Intermediate School District has the right to refuse admittance on the day of testing should a participant not adhere to the guidelines provided.

You may access registration for the workshop here:


Additional information on the WorkKeys® test and sample test items for the math, reading, and writing tests can be found at:


Applied Mathematics:

Reading for Information:

Listening and Writing:

Non Regulatory Guidance for Title Paraprofessionals

For information on Non Regulatory Guidance for Title Paraprofessionals