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FM Amplification Equipment for Students with Hearing Impairments


FM amplification equipment improves listening conditions in the classroom setting beyond that which hearing aids provide.  FM equipment is available to students who are Deaf/HH through the audiologist at the MISD Assessment Center.  Referred students must have a current IEP.


Referrals are processed on an ongoing basis.

Referral Process:

A Form 2 Referral, requesting FM equipment must be signed by the Director of Special Education and the parent . 

A copy of the most recent hearing evaluation and recent medical records related to the hearing loss must be attached to the referral.

  • Current IEP (less than a year old)
  • Recent Hearing Evaluation
  • Recent Medical Records

Referral Response:

The educational audiologist will review the request and conduct an evaluation to determine if FM amplification is appropriate.  Consideration will be given to the student’s auditory functioning, classroom environment and motivation to use the equipment.

 If follow up testing is needed, the student and parent(s) will be scheduled for an appointment at the MISD with the educational audiologist.


If appropriate, the FM equipment will be delivered to the school, following parent and teacher contact, by the educational audiologist.  The educational audiologist will monitor its use and arrange for repair service as needed.


Form 2 Referral for continued use for the next school year should be submitted prior to the end of the school year.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director

Updated: August 2019