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Behavioral/Emotional Consultation


The Consultant for Students with Behavioral/Emotional Impairments is available to assist with intervention strategies for students with behavior/emotional challenges in local school settings.


As needed

Referral Process:

  1. Form 2 signed by Director of Special Education and parent , is submitted to MISD Director of Center Programs.
  2. EI Consultation Referral should include:

    Current Eligibility Report(s)
    Current IEP
    Current REED/MET Report(s)
    Psychological (within 3 years)
    Social History
    Strategy Planning Form
    Psychiatric (Optional)
  3. The MISD Center Program Director will forward the Form 2 to the EI Consultant.
  4. The MISD EI Consultant will contact the local Director or Designee to establish meeting date.
  5. The following may occur:
    - Observation
    - Discussion with parent
    - Review with LEA support team
    - Written recommendations, if requested by local district


  • Student remains in local district and ongoing support from EI Consultant may continue up to a year.
  • If a change in placement seems appropriate, LEA will initiate this.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director
Strategy Planning Form (required)

Updated: August, 2019