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Assistive Technology Consultation


The MISD Assistive Technology (AT) team provides support to student-centered teams as they determine and plan for the assistive technology tools and strategies that will assist that student in the acquisition of their IEP goals and objectives, including Augmentative Communication (AC) tools and services. The AT Consultation team is committed to support student-centered teams as they assess, develop, plan and implement appropriate assistive technology strategies.

The AT Consultation was designed to assist local district teams in determining appropriate AT tools and services after they have completed the following steps:

  1. AT modifications have been generated, implemented and monitored by the IEP team with the support of the local district AT team as needed.
    - If these modifications were not effective or there is a need for a coordinated AT plan for the student, …
  2. A local district AT staffing has been convened.
  3. AT district follow-up staffings were convened on a regular basis to monitor student progress and adjust the AT plan as needed.

If the IEP team has completed the steps above and the pursuant accommodations/ modifications are still not effective, a formal request for consultation by the MISD AT Team using the Form 2 process may convene.

Referral Process:

  1. Form 2 signed by the Director of Special Education and parent is submitted to the MISD Assistive Technology Consultant.

The following REQUIRED documents should be enclosed with the referral

Current Eligibility Report(s)
Current IEP
Current REED Report(s)
Cover letter with 2-3 sentences describing the reason for the consultation request
Current AT staffing and follow-up report(s)
Current teacher report

Referral Response:

  1. Schedule and complete an AT consultation with the student’s IEP team.
  2. Conduct an AT Evaluation Staffing as outlined in the Assistive Technology Guide for Macomb County Schools.
  3. Continue to support the student-centered IEP team as they implement the AT plan and as they conduct district follow-up staffings.


  1. A plan for implementation of Assistive Technology devices and services to support student acquisition of IEP goals and objectives.
  2. Recommendations to include resources for appropriate technology acquisition.
  3. A comprehensive Assistive Technology Training plan as needed.
  4. A process for measuring action plan success.
  5. A plan for follow-up services.


A new Form 2 must be submitted for a student, whose team has not received services from the MISD AT Team within the last year.


Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director
Macomb County Assistive Technology Initial Staffing Report
Macomb County Assistive Technology Follow-up Staffing Report(Find Form in TieNet)

Updated: April, 2010