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Consultation and Support for Students with Autism


ASD consultations are available to assist IEP Teams by providing educational strategies and behavioral supports for individual students with autism.

An ASD consultation is required prior to consideration for placement in the MISD Autism Program.

Reasons for referral to be documented on the Form 2 may include:

  • Educational strategies and behavior supports for LEA Team.
  • Enrolled student in previous non-center ASD Classroom
  • Parent request
  • Continuation of Services (must be submitted annually - Form 2 and IEP only required)
  • Restarting of Service (requires complete packet)


As determined by the ASD consultant

Referral Process:

  1. Form 2 signed by Director of Special Education and parent is submitted to MISD Director of Center Programs.

       Referral materials include:

  • Current Eligibility Reports and REED
  • Current Speech and Language Report
    • Expressive and Receptive Language
    • Social Communication/Pragmatic Language
    • Current IEP
    • Functional Behavior Assessment (if available)
    • Positive Behavior Support Plan (if available)
    • Current Psychological Testing (within 3 years)
      • Verbal/nonverbal Cognitive Scores
      • Achievement Scores
      • Standardized Adaptive Scale
      • Autism Assessments (ADI – R, ADOS – G, CARS, GAER – 2)
    • Current Teacher Report
    • Team Meeting Notes
    • Current Social History
    • Strategy Planning Form

      2.  The MISD Center Program Director will direct all referrals for consultation to the MISD Autism Program and send a Form 2A authorizing the       consultation to the LEA Team. 

3.  MISD AI Consultation may include the following:

  • Classroom Observation
  • Teacher Interview
  • Parent Interview
  • Autism Rating Scales
  • Records Review
  • Support Staff Interview
  • Report when requested by Director
  • Attendance at LEA Team meeting


  • Provide Educational Strategies and Positive Behavior Supports and Interventions.
  • Train Team Members and Support Staff.
  • Facilitate Programming Adaptations.
  • Continued Consultation – ASD Consultant available for LEA Team Support.
  • LEA consider additional supports and services within the district.
  • Recommendation of Program Placement (District submits Form 2 for Placement).


ASD Consultant will contact the LEA Director to arrange Observations within the local district.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director
AI Strategy Planning Form


Updated:  August, 2019