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Occupational Therapy Consultation


Consultation is provided to the staff working with a student presenting fine motor challenges for which there is need of additional input regarding diagnosis, intervention or management.

The MISD Occupational Therapist assists the local school district by providing:

  • Observation of the referral student in multiple settings.
  • Discussion with the staff of intervention strategies and procedures


As determined by the therapist and the referring district.

Referral Procedures:

A Form 2 Referral is sent to the MISD Support and Related Services. The service requested on the referral should read “Consultation, Occupational Therapy”.

The following documents should be enclosed with the referral:

     Current Eligibility Report(s)
     Current IEP
     Current REED Report(s)
     Occupational Therapy Referral Form

Referral Response:

The therapist contacts the staff person listed as the contact person on the referral to develop a specific service plan. After staff consultation and observation, possible alternatives are discussed and recommendations are developed. A follow up review is scheduled.


A written report of observation and recommendations is written.


If the need is staff related, perhaps a request for general information on specific classroom accommodations can be made and will not involve the student or parent directly.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director
Occupational Pre-Therapy Referral Form

Updated: October 2023