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Program for Students with Severe Language Impairments

Placement in special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of a student from the regular education environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in a regular class with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.


The SLI Center Program provides a full-time special education placement with intensive language intervention. This program is designed to help children in Kindergarten thru grade 3 having severe language impairments who cannot be educated in the home district. It is appropriate to refer students from Early Childhood Special Education programs as the purpose will be to provide intensive services at a young age and to return to the local district as quickly as possible during elementary school.

According to Rule 340.1756 Rule 56 (a) A program for students with severe language impairment conducted by a teacher of programs for students with speech and language impairment shall serve only young children with disabilities or developmental delay or elementary students and severe language impairment.


Regular school year.

Catchment Areas: (as of May, 2014)

These areas change subject to geographic considerations.



Anchor Bay

Center Line



Chippewa Valley

East Detroit



L'Anse Creuse

Lake Shore

New Haven



Mount Clemens




South Lake


Van Dyke


Warren Consolidated


Warren Woods

Referral Process:

  1. Form 2, signed and approved by the Director of Special Education and parent, is submitted to the Director of LEA SLI Center Program, Fraser or Warren Woods.
    - If a referral is being made by another Center Program (MISD/LEA), a copy of the referral Form 2 must be forwarded to the Director of the student’s resident district.
  2. The following items must accompany the Form 2 referral:
    - Current Eligibility Reports and REED
    - Current IEP
    - Psychological Evaluation - Completed within 1 year, Demonstrating average or above nonverbal intellectual ability (quotient of >90) using a widely accepted comprehensive assessment. (WPPSI, UNIT)
    - Speech and Language Report
         Articulation test
         Language test results (Completed within 6 months)
              All results showing strengths and weakness.
              At least two language tests/subtests at least 2 standard deviations below age mean.
              Deficient language skills in two or more language subsystems: Phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics or pragmatics.
         Description of receptive and expressive language functioning (paragraph about each).
    - Language Sample Forms AND Audio (Completed within past 2 months), must include:
         Analysis - Comments about the results
         Written transcription of sample
         Audio Sample, such as cassette tape, wave file, etc.
    - Teacher Input Form (see form links below)
    - Academic Assessments - Such as Report card, progress reports, MLPP (phonemic awareness, letter and sound identification, sight words) , DRA, etc.
    - Hearing screening completed within 1 year - Date and results.
    - Vision screening (completed at any time) - Date and results.
    - Functional Behavior Assessment/Behavior Intervention Plan (if currently on file)
    - Immunization Record
    - Birth Certificate

*For School of Choice (105c out-of-county), a written cooperative agreement must be approved between the resident district, enrolling district, the resident ISD, and the Macomb ISD Assistant Superintendent of Special Education.

Referral Response:

  1. After receiving the referral materials, the SLI program director will review the packet. The following may occur:
    - Contact LEA, missing information
    - Determine appropriateness of referral to SLI Center Programs.
    - An SLI Center Program team may observe student and interview staff.
  2. If referral to an SLI program is considered:
    - A Form 2A - Report of Recommended Disposition will be returned to the District.
    - A copy of Form 2A will be sent to the appropriate administrator (Director of Special Education of Operating District or Principal of MISD Program) and the Director of Special Education of the referring school district recommending that an IEP be scheduled to consider placement.
  3. The sending district chairs and provides TieNet Documents for the placement IEP with the cooperation of the receiving center administrator/designee.

Required members of IEP Team at a minimum consist of:

  • The sending school district
  • The receiving school district
  • The parent (or the student, if appropriate)
  • The resident district, if not the sending or receiving district.


For fall placement referrals must be received between April 1st and May 1st. This will allow for the Centers to arrange IEPs and Transportation.


An IEP is held to consider placement in the program.


Students Previously Enrolled in Another District
Students transferring to the local district from outside the county, who are being served in a like comprehensive program, may be referred directly to the MISD. In addition, students who are returning from a hospital or other specialized setting may be referred at the discretion of the LEA Director.

In such cases, for immediate placement, the Referring District must complete a Transfer of Student with a disability and submit a Form 2. Also, the referring district must request and collect data from the previous district and submit this to MISD within 30 days.

Visitation Policy:

SLI Program Director/Supervisor contacts the referring Director of Special Education/Supervisor after submission of Form 2. For other arrangements, please contact the Director of Special Education for Fraser or Warren Woods.


Form 2 signed by Parent and Director of Special Education
Language Sample Form
Story Retelling Prompt Form
Story Retelling Picture Panels
Classroom Referring Teacher Input Form

Updated: August 2014