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MISD helps bring best practices to classrooms in Macomb County
MISD provides specialists in content areas
MISD works with districts to find cost savings for schools
MISD partners with local districts and Macomb Community College to offer Early College Macomb
MISD helps districts implement Michigan high school graduation requirements
MISD operates schools and programs for students with special needs
MISD partners with parents to ensure positive outcomes for children
MISD provides support for Macomb County special education programs
MISD connects students, parents and educators through technology
MISD is a center for education and professional development
MISD provides services for newborns to 3-year-olds with disabilities
MISD partners with local districts to provide the International Academy of Macomb

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    State funded free preschool program for eligible four-year-olds. As a nationally recognized preschool program, the Macomb County GSRP Preschool Programs provide developmentally appropriate learning in a safe, nurturing and positive environment; promoting high-quality instruction balanced with play-based experiences rich in language and literacy.

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    8:30am - 3:30pm

    Target Audience: Building Principals, Assistant Principals/Deans, Central Office Administrators Learning Targets: Participants will engage in rater-reliability through… • Refinement of practices in the areas collecting evidence and coding/sorting.

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Special education students are served in Macomb County with collaboration and support from MISD
Macomb County students are enrolled in Early College Macomb