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Department of Center Programs

About Us:

The MISD Department of Center Programs provides support, training and services for Macomb County's local school district staff, students and families. Center Programs also works collaboratively with Local Educational Agencies (LEA), Special Education Director who through a referral process request assistance for students requiring more intensive educational supports. Our partnership is collaborative and relies on working closely with LEA staff and families. 

General Referral Procedure

Form 2 signed by the local Director of Special Education and parent is submitted to the MISD Director of Center Programs for consultation or placement consideration. 

Specialized Programs and Schools

The Department of Center Programs operates six specialized schools, plus a program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, which has classrooms at other sites.

Schools Calendars

Homebound Services for Center Programs

To be eligible for two nonconsecutive hours of home programming the student must be 1.) enrolled in a Center Program School, 2.) Unable to attend school because of an illness or injury or medically fragile status, 3.) An attending physician certifies a medical condition requires that the student be confined to the home during regular school hours.

Consultant for the Emotionally Impaired

The Consultant for the Emotionally Impaired is available to go into the local educational agencies to assist with preventative techniques with emotional impaired students in local school settings.

Consultant for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Consultant, for Autism Spectrum Disorders, Physically Impaired and Otherwise Health Impaired is available to go into the local educational agencies.

Technology Consultant for Center Programs

The primary role of the Technology Consultant is to work with the MISD Center Programs to provide support with curriculum instruction, professional development and hardware support in the area of computer technology.