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Early Childhood


Early childhood services are offered through the Department of Consultant Services and include:

  • addressing current issues
  • providing information
  • offering professional development and programming opportunities
  • offering opportunities to share and network on the local regional and state level.

Services support the development of children from birth to age eight in Macomb County.

Great Start Macomb

Great Start Macomb is a partnership of local professionals, community leaders and parents committed to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive early childhood system addressing all factors influencing a young child's readiness for school and life.

Through public and private funding, this collaborative seeks to assure the highest quality resources and service integration to support our children's physical and emotional health, child care, early education, basic needs, and provide resources for parents and professionals.  Local investment in young children today means a thriving globally competitive workforce tomorrow.

Visit  www.greatstartmacomb.org to learn more.

Early Literacy

Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy (Prekindergarten) Essential Instructional Practices in Early Literacy (Grades K to 3) 

These documents were developed by the Early Literacy Task Force, a subcommittee of the Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators (MAISA) General Education Leadership Network (GELN), which represents Michigan's 56 Intermediate School Districts. Research suggests that each of these ten practices can have a positive impact on literacy development.

Pre-K Literacy Essentials

K-3 Literacy Essentials

Helping children get ready to learn to read

Reading aloud to young children promotes language acquisition and literacy development.  Research shows there are six early literacy skills that children must know before they can learn to read.  When you read to children, you promote each of these important skills.

Print Motivation

A child's enjoyment and interest in books.

Print Awareness

Refers to a child's understanding that print conveys meaning, has different functions, and is organizes in a certain way.

Letter Knowledge

Learning that letters have names and are different from each other, and that specific sounds go with specific letters.

Phonological Awareness

The ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sounds in words.


Knowing the name of things.

Narrative Skills

Being able to understand and tell stories

Reading aloud to children is critical for academic success.

Literacy Guides

Literacy Guides were developed by a group of professional educators to help parents and families foster language and literacy skills with young children. The guides are to be used with popular children's books. They are specifically designed for parents or for educators to use with parents. The guides include engaging games, songs, rhymes, and questions to ask young children. If you would more information about the literacy guides please e-mail JoAnne Elkin (Early Literacy/Early Childhood Consultant) at  jelkin@misd.net

Book List

Kindergarten Skills Checklist

Here is a checklist of development skills children need exposure to and knowledge of before they enter kindergarten.

National Literacy Resources

Please click on the links below:

Making the Right Connection

Making the Right Connection, a Resource Guide for Macomb County families.

Before and After School Child Care

Information on Macomb County School-Age Child Care Council (McSACC). 

Great Start School Readiness Program

Facts about the Great Start School Readiness Programs.

Parenting Awareness Michigan

Parenting Awareness Michigan (PAM) celebrates people raising children and promotes year around parenting education and resources.  Michigan celebrates the month of March as Parenting Awareness Month.  PAM - unique to Michigan - provides guidance, materials, resources, referrals, and technical assistance.  PAM directs its efforts to assisting local organizers plan special parenting events, celebrations, and education opportunities in March and throughout the year, and encourages a broader understanding and acknowledgment of the importance of effective parenting.

Guide to Fun for Families

Inside you will find many ideas for activities and places to visit with your family throughout the year! From museums, nature centers, and attractions to local libraries, parks and recreation departments and theaters, you will find endless possibilities for enjoyment, learning and relaxation. This edition includes ideas to do at home!
Family Fun Guide 

Early Childhood Resources

Information on Child Care, Early Years, Existing Early Childhood Initiatives in Macomb County, Information, Organizations & Research, and Parent Involvement in Education.
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