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About Us

Welcome to the MISD!

The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) serves the 21 public school districts, charter schools and private/parochial schools in Macomb County. It is the largest ISD in Michigan that provides direct services to students.

MISD staff help bring best practices to the classroom, impacting some 150,000 students in both public and nonpublic schools. We help bring education’s best to students of all abilities, including 19,000 who need special educational services. We use our resources to provide quality educational opportunities for general education and special education students, technical and instructional support to school employees, and leadership in all areas impacting education.

Our commitment to students guides the way we provide services—involving parents, school personnel, and the community at large as active partners in planning, delivering and evaluating our many services and programs.

The MISD’s Educational Service Center (Clinton Township, Michigan) is aptly named– it is a center for education. Most days the training rooms are filled with “students”– school staff who themselves are learning. It is estimated that annually more than 30,000 participants attend workshops and meetings on education-related topics hosted by the MISD.

Babies and children too young to be K-12 students come with their parents for assessment and evaluation. School-age students use the distance learning facilities, attend special conferences, academic summer camps and take part in educational events.