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Special Education Information

As of 2020 there are approximately 19,000 students challenged by needs that make them eligible for special education.   These needs arise from physical, mental or emotional disabilities making it difficult for the students to keep up with their peers.

Because the needs of the students with disabilities are different and frequently require special attention, materials or equipment, we call our assistance for these students Special Education.

The MISD takes pride in providing a continuum of services and programs to students with such diverse needs.  Programs and Services range from assistance to students within their own district classrooms to the operation of special schools and programs.

Our Special Education Department provides leadership and support in the implementation of Special Education Programs and Services in Macomb County.   We provide current information on rules, regulations, procedures and policies in the operation of special education for local districts, Public School Academies and MISD Schools. 

We work collaboratively with those entities, including, non-public schools to make sure the education of students with disabilities is appropriate.   In addition, we provide information and trainings to assist educators and administrators who perform such functions as evaluations and Individualized Education Programs.

Our website is divided accordingly; Special Education Information, Programs and Services, Resources and References and Parents.