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What is Schoology?

Schoology is an LMS (Learning Management System) designed specifically for k-12 educators. This is an online platform for educators to post announcements, assignments, discussion boards, media albums, videos, and much more. Students can create digital portfolios, participate in teacher guided online discussions, review blended content, and submit assignments. Collaboration and communication in the platform make it easy to create a "connected class" and build community. Teachers can create online quizzes, post audio and video, give online feedback, join groups and share resources. Parents or guardians can access their child's work. 

For a quick overview of Schoology, review this video:

Logging in to Schoology Enterprise

Educators using the Enterprise Edition should check with their System Administrators for information on teacher and student logins. Each check district with has its own unique URL and procedures for logging in. A free Basic version of Schoology is also available for use by teachers who do not have access to an Enterprise environment. Basic users will be migrated into the Enterprise version of Schoology after district adoption.

PowerSchool Integration

Districts using the Enterprise version of Schoology are supported by MISD with Power School integration, including automatic account creation for students and teachers, automatic class  population of accounts for students and teachers, and grade center transfer from Schoology to the Power Teacher Pro grade book.

The Schoology Support Center is a robust source of tutorials and information on how to use Schoology. Please use this helpful website first to explore features or get answers to questions. To access the support center, please go to https://help.schoology.com when you are logged into your Enterprise account. Be sure to select "Instructors" for tutorials or answers to questions for achers. Students may also use this site by clicking on the "Students" link.

The documents below provide information about linking or cross-listing class sections. Linking sections should only be done at the beginning of a card marking prior to placing content into classes. Schoology does not recommend linking or unlinking sections once students begin submitting assignments or using class materials, as it may result in loss of data. If you have questions or need assistance with class linking, please contact your System Administrator. 

Linking Classes in Schoology

Cross-listing Classes in Schoology

Teachers who need support with Schoology have several options prior to contacting a System Administrator or the MISD. 

  • Review the Schoology Support Center to check on available documentation.
  • Check the web for videos or documentation that may have been created by other users in the Schoology community.
  • Consider asking a Schoology trainer or key teacher within your building.
  • Consider setting up and using a Schoology group within your school to post commonly asked questions and get possible solutions from your peers.

For persistent questions, you may contact your System Administrator. Your System Administrator will share the link for submitting issues to Schoology support. 

Schoology Webinars

Schoology training on a variety of topics is available via webinars. To access these webinars, please contact your system administrator for a course code.

Schoology MISD Champions

Schoology MISD Champions is a Schoology group administered by MISD. To receive the code to join the group, please contact kgrunow@misd.net through your Macomb school email address. Tips, tricks, and upcoming MISD Schoology events will be posted to the group, as well as training tools that you can use to share information with your staff. To join a group for the Schoology community at large that includes educators from around the globe, log in to your Schoology account and search for Schoology Community via the "Groups" tab. 

Microsoft and Google Integration

Microsoft Integration with Schoology (video)

GAFE Integration with Schoology (video)

MISD Schoology Support

For additional support with Schoology, please visit the MISD Schoology Support Page.