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Schoology Help


Students who have questions about using Schoology should refer to the Schoology Help Center and use the “Students” section to find answers and tutorials. For questions about any component of Schoology that does not appear to be working correctly, students should contact the teacher of the class.


For these issues, teachers should contact their System Administrator or designee. In some cases the PowerSchool record of a student or teacher may need to be adjusted in order for the account to sync correctly.

Teachers experiencing any difficulty with the grade center or grade passback should follow the following steps:

If you are still experiencing Grade passback or Grade Center issues, your System Administrator can submit a ticket on your behalf. To assist the technician who will service your ticket, the following information will be needed:

  • Affected users (e.g. all students or specific individuals)
  • A link to the location of the problem and/or a name of a course and assignment(s) to review
  • If possible, a screenshot(s) of the problem
  • Text of any error messages displayed
  • Steps that you followed that ended with the issue
  • Your operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.) and browser (Edge, Chrome, Safari)

Prior to taking any steps to troubleshoot, please visit the Schoology Status Monitor to check for any notifications regarding current status of the system. Teachers may choose to subscribe to the status bot by clicking on the Subscribe button at the top right corner of the page to receive an email notification regarding any outages.

Any questions about a component of Schoology such as assignments, discussions, assessments, etc. should first be reviewed by reading the support documentation at the Schoology Help Center.

If a teacher cannot get a question answered from the Help Center, the next step is to submit a ticket. For priority questions (e.g. components not working) please send the information to your System Administrator. For other questions, teachers can contact Schoology Support by creating a ticket at the Schoology Help Center by clicking on the “Contact Support” option at the bottom of the page.

Schoology Parents

Parents who are using Schoology to track their child’s participation in Schoology courses should contact their district System Administrator with any questions or issues with linking child accounts.

System Administrators

System Administrators can contact the MISD to request priority support for issues related to PowerSchool or questions about account creation and syncing. Each district also has one System Admin designee who can submit priority tickets directly to Schoology. For more information, please contact MISD.