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    44001 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
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MISD Mission

Macomb Intermediate School District:
Service, Support and Leadership


We are the Macomb Intermediate School District.

We provide quality service to special education and general education students, instructional and technical support to school staff, and cutting-edge educational leadership in Macomb County.

We are committed to all the students of Macomb County. To serve them well, we are resolute in involving parents, school personnel, and the community at large, including business, government, and civic organizations as active partners in planning, delivering and evaluating our services.

We work directly with individuals with disabilities who reside in Macomb County School Districts. We serve students of all ages, from newborns to adults, meeting their unique learning needs and supporting their families all along the way.

Within the twenty-one local districts and public charter schools, we focus our efforts on building capacity with school staff. Through quality training and instructional support, we increase their knowledge, skills and abilities, so all students receive a rigorous and effective educational experience.

We promote all aspects of the educational process through our development and support of technology. We provide training in the use of essential technology tools that enhance curricular, instructional and administrative service in our schools and, as a result, opportunities are expanded for all.

We work collaboratively with colleges and universities and are leaders in state and national programs. We anticipate needs and opportunities, all with the single purpose of identifying, developing and implementing programs and practices that, through education, improve the quality of life in Macomb County.