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General Referral Procedure

MISD Center Programs from 21 LEAs

The 21 local districts may refer the following moderate to severely impaired students to MISD Center Programs for possible placement.

  • Emotionally Impaired

  • Severely Cognitively Impaired

  • Severely Multiply Impaired

ASD Consultation 

The 21 local districts may refer students for an AI consultation regarding potential Center Program placement or possible assistance and planning at the local school level. 
Form 2 referral packet signed by the local Director of Special Education and parent is submitted to MISD Director of Center Programs for consultation or placement consideration.

MISD Center Programs and LEA 
Moderately Cognitively Impaired (MoCI) Programs

The 21 local districts may refer moderately cognitively impaired students to either a MISD center program or a Local Educational Agency (LEA) center program. All referrals are made through the Director of Center Programs.