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Program for Students with Severe Cognitive Impairment (SCI) /Severe Multiply Impaired (SXI)

Placement in special classes, separate schooling, or other removal of a student from the regular education environment occurs only when the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in a regular class with the use of supplementary aids and services cannot be achieved satisfactorily.


Provide services to students ages 3 to 26 years of age with a severe cognitive or severe multiple impairment. The programs are designed to meet the unique needs of students in a rich educational environment. These students manifest a behavioral, cognitive, physical or health impairment that adversely affects their academic performance. These classrooms are designed for students with significant impairments.


Year Round School Calendar

Referral Process:

  1. Form 2 signed by Director of Special Education and parent, is submitted to MISD Director of Center Programs.
  2. If the referral is being made by a LEA/MISD Center Program, please send a copy of the referral to the Resident District.
  3. For School-of-Choice (105-in-county) students in your district, you are the resident district, therefore no notification to any other district is required.
  4. For School of Choice (105c out-of-county), a written cooperative agreement must be approved between the resident district, enrolling district, the resident ISD, and the Macomb ISD Assistant Superintendent of Special Education.

Catchment Area for Keith Bovenschen School

Center Line
Lake Shore
South Lake
Van Dyke
Warren Consolidated
Warren Woods

Catchment Area for Glen Peters School 

Anchor Bay
Chippewa Valley
L'Anse Creuse
Mt. Clemens
New Haven

  1. Referral materials must include:
    - Current Eligibility Report(s) and REED
    - Current IEP
    - Behavior Intervention Plan
    - Birth Certificate
    - Immunization Record
    - Medical Information
    - Current Psychological
    - Current Teacher Report (if available)

Referral Response:

  1. After receiving the referral materials, the MISD Director of Center Programs will review the packet. The following may occur:
    - Contact LEA, missing information (this may delay the process)
    - Determine appropriateness of referral to MISD SXI/SCI Center Program.
  2. If referral to SCI/SXI is determined appropriate:
    - A copy of Form 2A Report of Recommended Disposition will be sent to the appropriate administrator of the SCI/SXI Center Program and the Director of Special Education of the referring school district.
  3. The sending district is responsible for all arrangements for the IEP.
    - The sending district is responsible for scheduling and inviting all appropriate participants to the IEP.
    - The Center Program TieNet Liaison will provide access to the SCI/SXI Center Program for the purpose of reviewing TieNet documents.
    - The sending district initiates the IEP (PLAAFP, Summary, Services, SCI/SXI Center Programs will collaborate and establish goals).
    - The sending district designee chairs the meeting in cooperation with the receiving school administrator/designee.
  4. Required members of the IEP Team at a minimum consist of:
    - The sending school district
    - The receiving school district
    - The resident district, if not the sending or receiving district
    - The parent and the student (if appropriate)
    - A General Education Teacher (if appropriate)


If a center program placement is determined to constitute the least restrictive option for the student, the outcome is placement.


Expedited Form 2 Placement Process- this is for students coming out of a long-term, very restricted, separate facility, who clearly needs the most restrictive educational setting.

The LEA District must:

  1. Have parent establish proof of residency within their district
  2. Have parent register with resident district
  3. Immediately contact the Director of Center Programs to discuss the student and previous programs and services.
  4. Complete Form 2 with required signatures
  5. Attach most current IEP, MET/REED and/or supporting documentation indicating educational need for most restrictive placement
  6. Deliver completed hard copy packet to Center Programs
  7. EA Director/Supervisor will be directed to the appropriate Center Program Administrator.

Out-of-State Students will require a REED and the district should conduct a MET and/or review characteristics for eligibility by State of Michigan requirements to ensure that the student meets Michigan eligibility requirements. The resident district may request the assistance of the appropriate Director of the LEA/MISD Center Program.

International Students moving into the county suspected of having severe cognitive, physical and or behavioral disability, the resident district should immediately conduct a full and comprehensive evaluation. The resident district may request the assistance of the appropriate Director of the LEA/MISD Center Program.

Visitations Policy:

After recommended Form 2A Disposition, local district designee may arrange a visitation with the MISD Center Program Administrator.


Upon receipt in Center Programs of the signed and completed Form 2 Referral the procedures may be completed within 30 school days. Situations occur that may delay the referral process, such as, incomplete referral packets, students in the juvenile justice system, hospitalization, out of date evaluations, etc.

Resident district must continue to offer FAPE until LEA/MISD Center Program placement occurs.

For fall placement, complete Form 2 referral packets must be received in Center Programs between April 1st and May 1st. This will allow for the Centers to arrange IEPs and Transportation.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed and dated by Parent and Special Education Director

Teacher Input Form 

Updated: August 2019