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Audiological Evaluation


Audiological evaluations are available through the MISD for any student suspected of having an educationally significant permanent or temporary hearing loss.  Parents and/or caregivers are an integral part of the assessment.  Audiological services include:

  • Diagnosis of hearing impairment.

  • Referral to the medical community, as needed.

  • Hearing aid recommendation. 


Referrals are processed and appointments scheduled on an ongoing basis. 

Referral Process:

  1. Children under the age of three years may be referred directly to the Assessment Center by the parent prior to September 1st.  After September 1st, contact the LEA for children over age 3.
  2. Children who are 3 years or older must be referred by the local Director of Special Education using the Form 2 process.  This may also include those students up to age 26 who have not yet graduated from a high school program or have not been granted a certificate of completion.
  3. A Form 2 Referral, signed by the Director of Special Education and the parent, is forwarded to the MISD Assessment Center.

 Provide the following:

  • Daytime telephone number and cell phone of parent and referring person.
  • If a child has been previously seen at the MISD, check the appropriate box.
  • Support documentation (if available) should be included with the referral:
    - Doctor Reports
    - Health Department Screening
    - Speech Pathology Screening
    - Recent Hearing Evaluation

Referral Response:

  1. The referral packet is reviewed by the Director of the Assessment Center at the MISD. If complete, the parent is contacted by telephone and a date for the evaluation is determined.
  2. A letter is sent to the parent confirming the date and time of the evaluation.
  3. As a part of the appointment, the child and parent are interviewed/evaluated by the audiologist. Parent/Guardian must be present for the appointment.
  4. Results, recommendations and follow up are discussed with the parent/guardian at the completion of the evaluation. 


Following the appointment, a written report is sent to:

  • Parent

  • Director of Special Education

  • Health Department (if authorized by parent)

  • Children’s Special Health Care Services (if approved by parent)

  • Person initiating the referral (contact) 

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director

Updated: August 2019