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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher Consultant Services


Teacher Consultant services for the Deaf/HH are available to staff working with students who have been identified by an Eligibility Evaluation (MET) and IEP as Deaf/HH. Such students may currently receiving special education services in general education or special education settings.

NOTE: If a student with a hearing loss has not yet had an special education Eligibility Evaluation (MET) a Form 2 Request for Consultation by a Teacher Consultant for Deaf/HH may be submitted.

Specific services most often provided are:

  • Serving as resource person regarding effects of the student’s hearing loss
  • Suggesting accommodations that can be made in the classroom
  • Participating in the IEP process for clarification of the student’s needs related to Deaf/HH
  • Observing the student in the classroom
  • Consulting with teachers, related staff and parents to discuss student’s needs
  • Providing workshops for teachers and parents about Deaf/HH
  • Monitoring FM equipment and hearing aids


As determined by the consultant and the referring district to meet the needs of the student.

Referral Process:

A Form 2 Referral is sent to the MISD Director of the Assessment Center by the resident school district special education office. The service requested on the referral is “Deaf/Hard of Hearing Consultation.”

The following documents should be enclosed with the referral:

     Current Eligibility Report(s)
     Current IEP
     Current REED Report(s)
     Otology Report
     Recent Audiological Evaluation
     Psychological (Optional)
     Current Medical Records (Optional)
     Speech and Language Evaluation (Optional)

Referral Response:

Consultant contacts the staff person listed as the “contact person” on the referral to develop a specific service plan and schedule.


  • The teacher consultant (TC) provides ongoing consultation.
  • Reports are written as needed.
  • Printed information for accommodations is provided.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director

Updated: August, 2019