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Consultation for Students with Visual Impairments


Consultation is provided to the staff working with a student presenting visual impairment for which there is need of additional input regarding diagnosis, intervention or management.

The MISD VI Consultant assists the local school district by providing:

  • Observation of the referral student in multiple settings.
  • Discussion with the staff of intervention strategies and procedures


As determined by the consultant and the referring district.

Referral Procedures:

A Form 2 Referral is sent to the MISD Support and Related Services. The service requested on the referral is “Consultation, Visual Impairment”.

The following documents should be enclosed with the referral:

  • Current Medical records
  • Current Diagnostic data (psychological, social and developmental history, academic evaluations, etc.)
  • Current MET/Evaluation Review
  • Current IEPT

Referral Response:

The consultant contacts the staff person listed as the contact person on the referral to develop a specific service plan. After staff consultation and observation, possible alternatives are discussed and an assessment is developed. Review of the plan is scheduled and consultation meetings are continued as needed.


The consultant provides ongoing services requested. A written report of observation and recommendations are written, as needed. Printed guides for accommodating the student in the classroom are provided.


Sometimes the contact person makes a phone contact with the consultant prior to making the Form 2 Referral and initial plans are made for the delivery of services. If the need is staff related, perhaps a request for general information on specific classroom accommodations can be made and will not involve the student or parent directly.

Form Links:

Form 2 signed by Parent and Special Education Director
MISD Eye Report Form - If Available

Updated: August, 2019