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Crisis Resources

If you need quick access to crisis information see below.


This is the number for parents and students to call if they or their child are having a mental health crisis. If they are just talking about suicide and do not seem to be at imminent risk, consider having family/students call this number. School staff that are concerned about a student being suicidal can call this number and ask them to call the student to check on him/her. This is for life-saving so privacy rules can be bent. You can provide the counselor with the name and phone number of the student or family member.

Macomb County Crisis Center:



Mobile Crisis Unit: If a student has Medicaid or no insurance and is in crisis

Macomb County Crisis Center at 586-307-9100 and ask that they activate the Mobile Crisis Unit. That unit will go to the home to try to resolve the crisis (the mobile unit must feel that there is not a high physical risk of contracting COVID-19)


Text Hotline for crisis response

The crisis text line is 741741. If you text that, you can text “Hello” or “Help”


Access Center for an intake to receive any county services

Call (586) 948-0222