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Requesting a NEW Master/Child Class Association

NOTE: If you have an EXISTING MASTER CLASS and you want your new PowerTeacher generated classes associated with it, DO NOT USE THIS FORM.  Return to https://www.misd.net/bb and use the form for "Card Marking/School Year changes in Blackboard 9.1".

This form is for those requesting NEW Master/Child class associations.  This feature merges the enrollment from multiple class sections to allow a teacher to work in one "Master Class". This is a "by request only" feature that allows the creation of a Master Class with individual sections of the Master Class associated as "Child Classes".

For example, if a teacher teaches three sections of Biology 1, he/she can request that a Master Class be created for his/her sections.  This means that he/she would only put content in the Master Class, and all three Biology 1 Child Classes would mirror the content.

Before you request your Master, you need to know several things:

  1. Note that you cannot designate an existing class in Blackboard to be a Master Class.  The Master Class will be a new, blank class into which you will place content.  If you have content you would like to copy into your new Master, use the "Class Copy" feature in the Control Panel after the association is done.  For information on how to do this, see the tutorial at http://www.misd.net/bb titled "Beginning the School Year in MOST".
  2. Your Grade Center in Blackboard will be merged as well.  All of your students will show up in the Master Class Grade Center and the grades will appear to be unavailable in the "child" classes.  To separate the enrollments in the Master Class, click on the "Class ID" column in the Grade Center and choose to arrange ascending.  This will group the students by class ID number.
  3. You will NOT see content you place in the master show up in the child classes.  The students will see it when they log in, however.  This is to prevent you from editing the child classes, which are technically "unavailable" for editing.  Students see everything that is placed in the master.  They "mirror" the master for the students.
  4. If you already have content in your Child Classes before they are associated to a Master Class and you place that content again in the Master, the students may see it duplicated in the "child" class.  For this reason it is strongly recommended that your child classes by empty of content before you request that they be associated with a master class.  You will not see or be able to edit existing content in a Child Class after it is associated with a Master Class.

NOTE: please submit a separate online form for EACH Master Class you wish to have created.  For example, if you hare requesting a Master Class for Biology and another for AP Biology, submit this form twice with a different request for each form.

For questions, contact Jan Harding at helpdesk@misd.net

Sections to associate with Master.  List all that apply.  Include Class ID and Class Name.

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