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MISD Annual Web Report

10. Certain ISD Expenditures

The MISD’s mission of service and support requires strong leaders to be legislative, legal, and informational “point persons” on highly complex state and federal initiatives such as:

The MISD’s expertise and leadership in analyzing, prioritizing and translating state and federal educational initiatives, mandates and policies into practical application benefits all 21 districts, and ultimately Macomb’s 127,000 students. The MISD’s leadership team works to bring the very best to the county in special education, curriculum and instruction, technology, and administrative and business services. Help from the MISD gives local districts the support they need to concentrate on the work of teaching and learning.

Public Relations, Polling, Lobbying and Legal Services
The MISD’s clients are the families and citizens of Macomb County. Knowing their priorities in education guides our operations and educational policies. It is important for us to know what they expect from us and to communicate with them about our services and programs. It is also important for us to see that their priorities are considered in any legislative, legal or other policy-making actions proposed for education. Therefore, it is imperative for the MISD to use some resources to promote information sharing among and between the local districts, the community at large, and the MISD.

  Amount % of Budget
Administrative Costs



Public relations, surveys, polling, lobbying and legal services

$   316,768.67


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