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MISD Annual Web Report

6. Salary, Expense Account, & Supplemental Compensation

We’re proud of the MISD’s long history of excellent service to its constituent districts. That excellent service is largely due to the exceptionally skilled and specialized staff in general education, special education, business and technology.

The responsibilities of the MISD are driven by the needs of students, parents and our 21 constituent districts. Drawing on the experience of well-qualified administrative staff ensures the efficiency and effectiveness that students, parents and our local districts have come to count on from the MISD administrative team.

Compensation for all employees is determined based on the demands of the position, level of responsibility, job functions performed, credentials and skills required.

The MISD’s chief executive officer is the second longest serving ISD superintendent in Michigan. He is relied upon to take the lead among his peers on issues particularly related to special education, Medicaid applications for schools, school code changes and school funding issues.

Other MISD administrators and staff are often leading the state and “setting the bar” in areas affecting special education, technology, curriculum, school business practices, and professional development. They are responsible for the operation of a $180 million organization employing 1,500 staff members serving the county’s 134,000 students including 20,000 with special needs.

Following is a list of MISD employees with compensation packages in the top 3%:

Position Salary Expense Account Reimbursed Expenses Supplemental Compensation
Superintendent 210,658 -- -- 21,858
Assistant Supt for Special Education & Student Services 142,799 -- --   3,751
Chief Information Officer/Asst. Supt. for Technology Services 142,799 -- --   3,751
Chief Financial Officer 142,799 -- --   3,751
Chief Academic Officer 142,799 -- --   3,751
Executive Director of Human Resources and Strategic Initiatives 142,799 -- --   3,751
Principal 126,000 -- --  
Principal 126,000 -- --  
Principal 126,000      
Principal 126,000      
Director of Special Education Management Services 130,000      
Director of Center Programs 130,000      
Director of Education Policy 132,000 -- --  
Associate Director Special Education & Support Related Services 116,723 -- -- --
Director of Preschool & Assessment Center Services 119,793      
Director of Management Technology 130,000 -- -- --

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