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MISD Annual Web Report

8. Travel Information

The MISD mission to provide service, support and leadership requires staff and board members to seek professional development opportunities to help them gain state and national educational perspectives that reflect the latest trends, innovations, and challenges. 

The MISD board has provided consistent leadership since its inception. Informed board members bring stability and insight to the organization. All MISD board members are board certified by the Michigan Association of School Boards.  They continue to pursue professional development through meetings, conferences and workshops.  Professional development is valuable in keeping board members up-to-date and well-prepared for their jobs as policy-makers on very demanding issues in special education and general education.  Ongoing training is required to maintain certification.

They attend meetings and workshops that expand their capabilities in:

  • Knowledge of education (special education, curriculum, technology etc.)
  • Knowledge of county, state and national issues impacting education (legal, legislative and trend)
  • Management skills (personnel, business, finance, transportation and more)
  • Leadership skills (negotiations, conflict resolution, communication and problem solving)

Board officers pursuing additional proficiency training have filed the following required report regarding their work-related travel:

There were no travel expenses to report for the 2021-2022 school year.


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