•  Address:
    44001 Garfield Road
    Clinton Township, MI
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Center Programs Technology Consultant

Each of the Center Programs' buildings/locations has a technology representative assigned to them. Any technical issues or questions should be directed to them first before contacting the MISD Help Desk.

Location Contact Email Phone
AI-Bozymowski Jeff Whittle jwhittle@misd.net  586.939.5391
AI-Carter Middle School         Katie Boggia kboggia@misd.net  586.939.5391 x5158
AI-CLHS Katie Boggia kboggia@misd.net  586.939.5391 x5158
AI-Endeavor Heather Holmer hholmer@misd.net   
AI-Harvey Stace Haddad shaddad@misd.net  586.698.4013
AI-Naldrett Heather Holmer hholmer@misd.net   
AI-NHHS Heather Holmer hholmer@misd.net   
AI-Rodgers Stace Haddad shaddad@misd.net  586.698.4013
AI-Sequoyah Heather Holmer hholmer@misd.net   
AI-Wilde Stace Haddad shaddad@misd.net  586.698.4013
AI-Wolfe Katie Boggia kboggia@misd.net  586.939.5391 x5158
Bovenschen Jenny Potapa jpotapa@misd.net  586.757.7880 or x5100
Bovenschen Rebecca Wood rwood@misd.net  586.757.7880 or x5100
Lutz Nicole Brys nbrys@misd.net  586.286.0230 or x7100
Lutz Sue McCain smccain@misd.net  586.286.0230 or x7100
Maple Lane Lisa Diel ldiel@misd.net  586.977.9170 or x8200
Maple Lane Melissa Furton mfurton@misd.net  586.977.9170 or x8200
Neil Reid Gerry Goodwin ggoodwin@misd.net  586.469.1590 or x8230
Peters Sherry Davenport     sdavenport@misd.net        586.465.6251 or x7140
Peters Mary Brownrigg mbrownrigg@misd.net  586.465.6251 or x7140
Rockwell Deb Stephan dstephan@misd.net  586.939.2290  or x8260