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Early Childhood Specialists/GSRP Teaching Teams

Welcome GSRP Early Childhood Specialists

The Early Childhood Specialist (ECS) is the catlyst for continuous quality improvement for each Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP).  The links below are designed to be a resource for all of our ECSs in the Macomb County.

Macomb ECS Evaluation Plan 

Macomb ECS Evaluation Plan Checklist


- GSRP Income Eligibility Guidelines 2022-23

- GSRP Participant Eligibility and Prioritization Guidelines

- MISD Enrollment Prioritization

- Head Start Referral Form/Guidelines

- Macomb County Early Childhood Program Overview

- MISD 2022-2023 GSRP Sliding Fee Scale 

- GSRP Eligiblity Factor File Folder Label Master

- GSRP Eligibility Form Master

- GSRP Child Eligibility Factor Definitions

- Income Verification Form Master

- Parent Notice of Program Measurement* Form Master

Classroom Documentation

- GSRP Daily Routine School Day

- GSRP Daily Routine School Day 2

- GSRP Daily Routine Part Day

- Parent/Teacher Partnership Documentation Form

- Partnering on Child Development

- Referral Form

- GSRP Associate Teacher Compliance Plan

- GSRP Lead Teacher Compliance Plan

- GSRP Children’s Record Review Form

- Macomb County GSRP Program and Classroom Set–up Checklist

- Professional Growth Plans

Curriculum and Assessment

- GOLD Objectives for Development and Learning

- COR Areas of Development and Learning

- Highscope (KDIs) Key Developmental Indicators

- Creative Curriculum Daily Schedules Half Day

- Creative Curriculum Daily Schedules Full day

- Creative Curriculum Lesson Plan Form