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Family Events & Outings

Early On Macomb hosts Family Events & Outings that are offered to eligible families who are in Early On and Macomb Infant Preschool Program (MIPP). Families are invited to participate in community outings.

These are free of charge and are intended to provide families the opportunity to take advantage of wonderful community activities and programs, to meet other families in Early On, and to help children develop and learn.

These activities provide positive social experiences for children while giving them the opportunity to practice gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, cognitive skills, social/emotional and/or self-help skills.

Family Events & Outings are for children enrolled in Early On or MIPP and their immediate family. There is no cost to attend. Flyers for each event will be available prior to the event and you must call early and register in order to attend. There may be a waiting list due to space limitations. Early enrollment is encouraged.

Family Event & Outing Questions?

Contact Julie Lagos for more information:

Email: jlagos@misd.net  
Phone: (586) 228-3524