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OPD Data Digs - By Invitation Only

May 30, 2024 - 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Event Description

This is a Series. Participants are encouraged to attend all four dates.

Who Should AttendCSI OPD District Lead, District Supporters, Building Administrator, and Teacher Leaders familiar with strategy implementation.

Total days = 4
Date Start Time Finish Time
05/30/2024 08:30 am 03:00 pm
08/13/2024 08:30 am 03:00 pm
08/15/2024 08:30 am 03:00 pm
09/12/2024 08:30 am 03:00 pm

The purpose of our time together during these ‘Data Digs’ days is to support your ability to: identify all data objects available to demonstrate growth and support your progress toward benchmark and end targets o Identify next steps and summer work, review, analyze and prepare your quantitative and qualitative benchmark impact data that will be uploaded in MICIP and included during your Benchmark Review Meeting with OPD o Identify next steps and summer work, illustrate your strategy implementation story, so you can make the case for the connection to impact data, Use implementation data and add progress notes to inform adjustment, assist in developing language to use in your OPD presentation that directly relates to your goals, strategy, activities and benchmark progress, and provide MICIP platform guidance, so that data gets uploaded, and information is reflected.

Each district will have built in work time to prepare for the Benchmark Review Meeting. Implementation facilitators will be available to guide this work.

Cost: $50

SCECHs Pending (Additional cost will apply)

Please see our brochure for more information.

Event Details

  • When:
    May 30, 2024 to - 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM
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