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Career and Technical Education

  • Mar
    This event is scheduled for 8:00am to - 2:30pm

    If your CTE program was chosen for a 20% CEPD CIP Self Review Audit, then this professional development is for you! This training will go through each section of the CIP Self Review and provide work time for instructors to complete documentation.

  • Apr
    This event is scheduled for 4:00pm to - 6:30pm

    This course is intended for secondary educators and instructional leaders in all content areas looking to learn about the Essential Instructional Practices for Disciplinary Literacy in the Secondary Classroom: Grades 6 to 12 in an effort to improve adolescent literacy.

  • Apr
    This event is scheduled for 2:30pm to - 3:30pm

    Chris Rutherford, Director of Community Mobilization strategy from the Michigan College Access Network will give a one-hour presentation on the newly released Michigan Achievement Scholarship.

  • Apr
    This event is scheduled for 9:00am to - 12:00pm

    Macomb Community College welcomes school counselors to learn about the many wonderful opportunities they have to offer students, no matter what their career goals are. Counselors will receive important updates, learn about the Michigan Achievement Scholarship, and find out how to best support special-needs students as they navigate the enrollment process. the enrollment process.

  • May
    This event is scheduled for 8:30am to - 9:30am

    Counselors and Career Development staff will learn about the process of becoming a registered apprentice and best ways to advise students interested in pursuing an apprenticeship after high school graduation. Participants will also learn about AmeriCorps as a post-secondary option for students.

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