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Assistive Technology Course Offerings

  • Oct
    This event is scheduled for 8:30am to - 3:00pm

    **Only staff with approval from their Special Education Director can sign up for this series.** The Assistive Technology Leader 4-day Training will focus on teaching NEW leaders the process for determining appropriate assistive technology strategies, tools and services for students. Training will include an in-depth look at the MISD Assistive Technology process and guidebook and an overview of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and its relationship to Assistive Technology. AT leaders will become familiar with the materials available in the MISD collection and the process for accessing them for your district. Training will focus on tools and strategies for using assistive technology to support all areas of the curriculum including literacy, math, communication and computer access.

  • Feb
    This event is scheduled for 8:30am to - 12:00pm

    Participants will be provided with an overview of the procedural supports for device acquisition and AAC implementation, resources for programming AAC devices. Participants will then choose to learn more about AT procedural supports or select between Read&Write implementation or MISD AT credentials or MISD IT Department Accessibility Webinars.

  • Feb
    This event is scheduled for 3:00pm to - 4:00pm

    Discuss and explore assistive technology service and tools to support studying and organization.

  • Feb
    This event is scheduled for 3:00pm to - 4:00pm

    Participants will grow their knowledge about modeling on and providing access to more complex communication systems. Learn about and explore robust AAC technologies that give users access to large vocabularies of keyboards, words and/or phrases to express messages via speech-generation. Vocabularies and user settings are customizable. See what is available in the MISD AT Lending Library!

  • Mar
    This event is scheduled for 4:30pm to - 5:30pm

    Participants will learn about various tools and device settings that students with physical impairments can use to overcome barriers to accessing many of the technologies found in the school setting. Check out the adaptive equipment available in the MISD AT Lending Library.

  • Apr
    This event is scheduled for 4:30pm to - 5:30pm

    Learn about and compare two tools that educators can use to create, edit, and share instructional materials to support learners.

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