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Budget and Finance System Accounts Payable

General System Features

  • Ability to inactivate vendors
  • Ability to transfer activity from one vendor to another
  • Provides multiple vendor addresses
  • Provides for 1099 reporting with the ability to process 1099 and non-1099 items for vendors

Vendor Inquiry

  • Allows for inquiry by vendor number or name, check number, check date, or PO number
  • Provides up-to-date summarized and detailed check history
  • Displays detailed open encumbrances

Invoice Processing

  • Supports multiple invoice batches
  • Supports recurring invoices
  • Provides batch total balancing before posting to open items
  • Interfaces with the Purchase Order system
  • Automatically posts line item expenses to the Financial system into the user specified fiscal period

Check Processing

  • Ability to maintain open items and to hold invoices for payment
  • Provides for credit memo processing
  • Allows multiple users to process check runs concurrently
  • Supports multiple bank accounts
  • Ability to process manual checks
  • Supports laser check printing
  • Ability to have system-assigned check numbers
  • Produces summary and detailed check registers by bank
  • Ability to restart the check run or check printing
  • Ability to automatically create due to/due from journal entries
  • Automatically posts cash expense to the Financial system into the user specified fiscal period

Void Check Processing

  • Ability to void an issued check and automatically post to the Financial system
  • Ability to record and track spoiled checks

Check Reconciliation

  • Ability to reconcile checks issued by check date or check number
  • Provides an outstanding check register and reconciled check reports
  • Supports electronic reconciliation from bank

Check Replacement

  • Allows for a check to be copied to a replacement number
  • Ability to print a laser replacement check
  • Provides new registers and reports

Accounts Payable Reports

  • Provides monthly summary and detailed check registers with user defined report selections
  • Provides vendor books, open items and paid listings with user defined report selections

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