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Budget and Finance System - Financial

General System Features

  • Provides for Account Serial Number (ASN) security by user profile
  • Supports multiple fiscal years
  • Designed according to the state 1022 manual
  • Ability to process a new fiscal period(s) before prior period close
  • Ability to process a new fiscal year before prior year close
  • Supports 13-month journal entries
  • Ability to transfer budget amounts between original, working, and amended
  • Provides for uploading of budget amounts
  • Provides for downloading using a customized Query file

ASN Inquiry

  • Available for current, prior, or future fiscal year inquiry
  • Provides up-to-date summarized account activity totals and remaining percentage
  • Displays detailed journal transaction and check history
  • Displays detailed open encumbrance, non-authorized encumbrances, requisitions and monthly balance
  • Displays detailed budget changes

On-Line Journal Inquiry

  • Provides for current or prior fiscal year inquiry
  • Displays detailed journal information

Journal Processing

  • Provides the option of system assigned journal numbers
  • Supports recurring journals
  • Identifies out of balance journals at time of entry or change
  • Prevents unbalanced journals from updating
  • Provides for cash receipt processing
  • Ability to reverse an updated journal into user specified fiscal period
  • Ability to automatically create due to/due from journal entries

Financial Reports

  • Provides account code books, asset & liability, expense, revenue, budget, transactions, budget worksheets and trial balance reports
  • Provides for current or prior year reporting
  • Supports open or closed period reporting
  • Allows for detail or summary reporting
  • Allows for user defined report selections
  • Provides multiple year financial comparisons
  • Provides for customized user reports available through Query with downloading capabilities

Medicaid Outreach

  • Ability to process by function code or category code
  • Provides an option to automatically identify employees by function code
  • Provides detailed payroll, benefit and expenditure reports for the eligible employees


  • Provides for detailed budget inquiries with and without maintenance capabilities
  • Ability to load unlimited number of future (forecast) budget years
  • Provides for new ASN's to be automatically added to all future years
  • Ability to roll ASN level changes to all future years
  • Ability to roll working budget changes to all future years based on the ASN roll flag
  • Provides for multiple budget load options
  • Ability to attach a narrative to an ASN
  • Provides budget worksheets

Financial Upload FDF Files