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Human Resource System Personnel Attendance

General System Features

  • Provides attendance security by user profile, work location and union
  • Allows for district defined leave codes
  • Ability to accrue leave time annually, monthly, or by-weekly
  • Allows for processing leave time in hours for specific union groups
  • Ability to transfer unused time between leave codes
  • Supports union sick banks with options to give time to the bank and to withdraw time from the bank
  • Provides the option to allow bank balances to go negative

Attendance Inquiry

  • Allows inquiry by employee name or social security number
  • Allows inquiry of substitute teacher from absent teacher
  • Displays current bank balances, time used, and beginning balances
  • Displays detailed attendance history and accrual information including the day of the week
  • Ability to view history by date range and/or attendance leave code
  • Ability to view pending transactions with an adjusted balance

Attendance Processing

  • Allows for entry of time off for bank balance leave codes
  • Allows for entry of non-bank balance leave codes for tracking purposes
  • Ability to automatically load employees on leave into the attendance system
  • Ability to deduct time used from any bank balance
  • Produces a payroll docking report for over-drawn time or for specific leave codes
  • Ability to reverse previously updated attendance transactions
  • Ability to update attendance transactions through a user specified date
  • Ability to enter and track teacher/substitute attendance
  • Provides an option to create payroll transactions for substitutes

Attendance Reports

  • Provides detailed and summary leave balances, time used, and cumulative attendance history listings
  • Allows for user defined report selections and sorting
  • Provides state substitute "days worked" report

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