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Human Resource System Payroll

General System Features

  • Exception payroll system
  • Ability to encumber payroll, FICA, Medicare, and retirement expenses
  • Ability to communicate directly with banks for the transmission of check reconciliation and credit union data
  • Supports direct deposit processing
  • Provides for the accumulation of retirement hours
  • Ability to process cafeteria plans, TDP, deductions and annuities
  • Provides for downloading using a customized Query file
  • Ability to have multiple rates for an employee

Payroll Inquiry

  • Allows complete inquiry into all payroll data
  • Ability to inquire on a specific check including all detail land check stub information
  • Provides employment verification inquiry
  • Provides contract history inquiry

Payroll Entry

  • Ability to enter and maintain hours or days, earnings adjustments, miscellaneous deductions, non-payment dock days, and state and/or federal tax overrides
  • Ability to enter payroll data for multiple pay dates
  • Supports uploading of hours or days, earnings adjustments and miscellaneous deductions
  • Transmittal options allow for the automatic mass loading of contracts, salaries, hours or days, and earnings adjustments

Contract Processing

  • Ability to process contract adjustments and retro pay
  • Ability to enter and calculate new contracts
  • Ability to automatically create new contracts and update current contracts through the Personnel Salary Lanes/Steps module
  • Supports uploading of contract adjustments or new contracts 

Payroll Processing

  • Executes all paycheck calculations including taxes, retirement, deductions, and deferrals
  • Supports five pay periods
  • Produces detailed payroll register, check register, deduction and deferred reports, retirement reports, payroll distribution reports, and bond purchases reports
  • Ability to restart the payroll run or check printing
  • Automatic distribution of payroll expenses to the Financial system
  • Ability to automatically distribute FICA, Medicare, and retirement expenses to the Financial system
  • Ability to automatically create due to/due from journal entries
  • Ability to microfiche the payroll reports

Check Reconciliation

  • Ability to reconcile checks issued by check date or check number
  • Ability to record and track spoiled checks
  • Provides an outstanding check report and reconciled check report

Void/Manual Checks

  • Ability to void an issued check
  • Ability to enter and calculate manual checks
  • Produces a void/manual adjustments register
  • Automatically updates the Payroll and Financial systems

Check Replacement

  • Allows for a check to be copied to a replacement number
  • Ability to print a laser replacement check
  • Provides new registers and reports

Quarterly Processing

  • Single screen inquiry capabilities for the previous four quarters
  • Ability to maintain quarterly information
  • Produces the quarterly retirement and MESC reports

W2 Processing

  • Single screen W-2 inquiry capabilities for the previous three years
  • Ability to maintain W2 information
  • Ability to print W2 forms

Payroll Reports

  • Provides detailed ASN payroll history, employee history, contract status, and unpaid contract reports with user defined report selections and sorting
  • Ability to produce time sheets for selected groups
  • Customized user reports available through Query with downloading capabilities

Payroll Upload FDF Files