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Human Resource System - Personnel

General System Features

  • Provides personnel screen security by user profile
  • Provides employee security by union
  • Provides on-line validation of state required teacher certification data
  • Allows for user defined dates screen
  • Allows for user defined miscellaneous screen(s)
  • Provides for downloading using a customized Query file
  • Allows for multiple positions for an employee

Personnel Inquiry

  • Allows for inquiry by employee name or social security number
  • Provides position history inquiry

Personnel Reports

  • Provides a state teacher certification report
  • Allows for customized user reports available through Query with downloading capabilities
  • Provides mailing labels with user defined selections and sorting
  • Allows for downloading information for staff directory using directory and unlisted phone and address flags

Personnel Benefits

  • Provides for longevity calculation
  • Provides multiple year benefit rate calculation tables
  • Ability to track co-pay information
  • Provides benefit start and drop dates
  • Provides for automatic distribution of benefit and co-pay expenses to the Financial system
  • Provides multiple reports by company and/or employee

Salary Lanes/Steps

  • Ability to process by base salary and index or by salary amount
  • Provides multiple year salary tables
  • Ability to load additional schedules to create total contract amount
  • Provides multiple load options to Payroll for salary/schedules
  • Provides multiple salary/schedule reports 

Applicant Tracking

  • Allows for inquiry by name or position
  • Ability to track multiple positions applied for by an applicant
  • Provides areas for trade skills, education, certification and test results
  • Provides multiple reports, form letter and labels
  • Provides automatic loading into Personnel at time of hire

Personnel Upload FDF Files